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Made For 25

Hello. How’re you today? Is your state or country rethinking about reopening? Here in the US, many states are, especially in mine and even in my town.

I’ve been getting a bit of knitting done here and there when I can. The four of us visited my parents for a few hours during the weekend; each of us wearing his/her mask when not oinking out on SF, Chinese dim sum. Also, the husband bought two shelving units: one of mixed materials to put next to our buffet and another – metal – for next to the bigger kitchen rack; he put both of them together Sunday. I did the organizing yesterday after our OMAD.

Gramps by Tin Can Knits

I have reached the bottom ribbing of my nephew’s cardigan. Yay for some poppin color. I am usually very anal about nailing the pattern numbers, however, when I started the ribbing, I realized after counting and then checking the previous section that I was off by one stitch! Argh! I told myself, eff that, I ain’t rippin back 8 and 1/2″ (the whole body). I ripped back to the end of the charcoal and when I reknitted the first row of blue, I increased one stitch right in the middle of the back and you can’t even tell. Score!

Okie doke. Off to park my butt on the couch and get my knit on. Enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for droppin by. TTYS.

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  1. Love that pop of color on the cardi. I don’t blame you for not ripping back for 1 stinkin’ stitch.

    We have started a minor shut down again but it still puts too many people out of jobs again. I think a lot of this is due to the protest from 2 weeks ago. I do not have am issue with people protesting but…..wearing a mask and keeping physical distancing was not observed. Now the average age of COVID patients is 38.


  2. I think we’re heading back into lockdown whether we like it or not.

    For the little sweater, I hope you don’t find a dropped stitch somewhere! And even if you do, just ladder it up and use some weaving magic and it’ll be fine.

    I need to get my spinning on. I’m a bit behind. ::sigh::


  3. I love it when I know how to fudge to cover up a mistake and no one else is the wiser. 🙂 Opening in our state is staying more less the same – for the time being, anyway). We have 5 stages of re-opening (I think stage 5 is a full reopening, and it was supposed to happen on July 4th). With infection numbers climbing, though, our governor decided to pull the plug just before the 4th of July and declare we’re in stage 4.5. :^/


    1. Yeah, scary how the cases are going up, but we were warned of a second wave. Yeah, so glad I could do that little fudge in the ribbing.


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