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Made For 26

Good afternoon. How’s your Sunday going? I’m trying to keep busy as my tummy is on empty and we won’t eat until 2.

For my fellow Americans, did you celebrate the Fourth in some way?

Us? Not really, except the husband was craving hot dogs so I made them with carmelized, white onions in butta, scallions, shredded cheese, and kimchi. Lots of illegal fireworks in our area but Minnie and Mortie were fine with the noise.

In the evenings, I’ve been watching The Big Family Cooking Showdown. I love this Netflix show! It’s gotten mixed reviews online but I really like how it’s about families cooking together which is what happens in real life. Plus, I love the diversity in the contestants. I’ve been learning about Italian, Indian, and Persian food for example. I finished season one recently.

Speaking of TV, the 15 yo and I binged on the newest remake of The Babysitters Club. I didn’t read this series as a kid but I’ve seen the movie and such. This version is just as great. There’s a diversity in the cast and the storylines are enjoyable.

I’ve been making wonderful progress on two, knitting WIP’s – one being my nephew’s cardigan:

Gramps by Tin Can Knits

The body is done and I’ve started on a sleeve. With this sleeve being a smaller circumference, it’s fast knitting. I’ve almost completed the sets of decreases. I’m very pleased with how this project is going.

Okie doke, off to check the dames’ cleaning work on their bathtub/shower. Have a good day and TTYS.

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  1. Okay ALlison loved babysitters club . I can still see the covers! How fun to revisit them.
    Baby sweater is looking fabulous Stef.
    You saying the girls are cleaning their bathrooms reminds me of the MODERN FAMILY episode when Haley and the other sister tried to get out of cleaning the bathroom!!

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  2. Our “celebrating” consisted of cooking brats and having a traditional summer cookout-type meal. Just the two of us. With hubs recovering from a recent surgery we aren’t going anywhere unnecessary (or inviting anyone in, for that matter). I love that blue band around the bottom of that little sweater. 🙂


    1. I hope your husband is comfortable. Do brats have a certain taste? Can you tell the difference between the types of sausages?


      1. I know that Brats can be seasoned differently, but I’m not really adventurous when it comes to seasoned meats for some reason, so I’m not one who can really say a whole lot on the matter. I do prefer cheesy brats, and that’s pretty much all I’ll buy anymore. Before I met my husband I’d never even encountered a brat. His family is German and brats seem to be on the menu for any gathering that involves a grill so I’ve embraced them – even if I’d prefer a juicy hamburger, to be honest. ;^)

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  3. We had fireworks being shot off in our neighborhood for well over 2 hours. My poor dogs were terrified the whole time. The Gramps sweater is coming along nicely. I really like the color ribbing on the body of the body. It really makes the sweater pop.


  4. Hope the dames got a pass mark on the cleaning! The family cooking show sounds fun. I am not into cooking but I have sisters who are. The knitting looks great. One of my sisters is going to knit her 5 year old grand daughter a jersey (sweater) and she traipsed the shops looking for a pattern. She found out you can no longer buy them in shops they are all on online!

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  5. I loved the Babysitter’s Club when I was a kid! I’ll have to check out the latest remake. We didn’t really celebrate much this year with everything that’s going on but we did go out on our balcony (10th floor) and watched some of the fireworks they were doing near the river and that was really pretty.


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