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Made For 27

I’ve been knitting with laser focus on my husband’s socks and oh boy, this pair and I have had some galactic battles!

You see in the photo the heel turns and the heel flaps are done. One of the socks, I ripped out those areas five to six times! It was either because I couldn’t remember if I followed the instructions to the tee or it was because my numbers were off. I even had trouble spotting the wraps & turns; this was due to using the Must Stash Yarn & Fiber Perfect Must Match (in Chewie), striping yarn for these parts. After several bouts of frustration I had to think back and remember why didn’t I not have trouble when I was knitting up my last pair? The light bulb went on – ding – making me realize I had used a solid color yarn. The light, heathered grey is Knit Picks Stroll Solids in Dove Heather.

Tips: 1. Use a solid-colored yarn for a heel that requires wraps & turns, OR 2. If you really want to use a striping or variegated yarn and have trouble spotting the W&T, place a locking stitch marker after you make each W&T.

There are many types of heels for sock knitting. This style works for me and my high instep even though this pair isn’t for me. I just wanted to follow a pattern I already had and get more familiar with this one in particular.

Oh and if you ever want to try out a toe-up sock pattern, Brenda’s is the one. It’s free, BTW, and her instructions are clear and easy.

Brenda’s Basic Toe Up Sock by Brenda Vanlerberghe

While I am still getting familiar with this toe-up construction, I really love how clean the gusset attatches to the heel turn. There is no picking up stitches, just continuous knitting.

I am so glad I can now move onto short legs and ribbed cuffs. I was going to originally make calf-length socks for him but he changed his mind to ankle length so it’d be easier for this wifey. I ain’t arguing with that.

Okay, off to do something. Thanks for poppin in. TTYS.

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  1. I’ve been knitting for 12ish years and I’ve not done toe-up socks yet. I have a cuff-down that works really well for me and my feet (and I don’t make socks for anyone else on purpose) but toe-up may be the way to go so I can use up alllllll the yarn. Or not.

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  2. What a gift to learn you are going to only be knitting an ankle sock. I love making short socks and dread the crew socks. Your Chewy yarn is pretty but I do like the heel color you added.

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  3. Ooooh… it’s the heel that scares me off making socks. Well, that and that there are two of them. lol Those are turning out beautifully. I love the colors in the self-striping yarn.


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