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Made For 28

Good afternoon. What’s for lunch today? E’s been craving hot dogs again so he picked up some and relish.

Have you ever baked with chocolate, toffee bits? In the past, two batches of chocolate chip cookies I decided to add them in. The first go, I wasn’t happy with. My cookies (chocolate chips, walnuts, toffee bits) were spread out with sunken middles, so wide I had to break cookies in half to fit them into the cookie jar. It was baffling because I had put the dough in the frig. I thought maybe it was because my proportions were off as I didn’t quite measure those three ingredients.

So yesterday I decided to try it again, stitcking to the recipe proportions. For example, I kept to 2 cups of chocolate chips. Instead of a cup of walnuts, I put in half a cup of walnuts and half a cup of toffee bits. The dough was in the frig overnight, but well, the cookies came out like the first time, though not as wide. I now think it’s because of the new ingredient; these must have extra moisture in them. When I compared their bag’s recipe with the standard chocolate chip recipe, it has one less stick of butter. I guess the next time I use these bits I will use a recipe designed for them.

Ta-da! The legs of the husband’s socks are now complete. I had E try on his socks after I was done with the heels and had knitted a few rounds of leg. He pointed out how high he wanted them to go, measuring 3″. I can now start on the ribbed cuffs. I’m excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Off to finish my cup of water. I felt under the weather yesterday, probably from not getting enough sleep over several nights. At first I thought it was because I was sore from working back in weights, lunges, and squats, but something was off. I took some nighttime Theraflu which helped me sleep well last night. I will probably take a nap today too.

Okie doke. Thanks for poppin in. TTYS.

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  1. hi Stef. i I have to admire anyone who strays from the “recipe” of a cookie. I’d be happy to just eat frozen dough. Hope you are feeling some energy this weekend. Let me know, when you can how your daughter is coping ….it is still so soon……

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    1. She’s doing okay now. The first day when we let Mortimer go it was hard. She misses her of course but she’s back to normal day two and on. Thank you for asking.


  2. Your husband’s socks are great. I bet you will be glad when they are off the needles. I just started a pair for my hubby but he has a smallish foot for a man, thank goodness. I hope you get to feeling better. BTW, those cookies sound yummy even if they were flat.

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  3. Those sock are just beautiful. I feel like I’ve said that every time you’ve shown them, though. Do you get tired of hearing it? 🙂 I hope you’re not coming down with anything. Take care!

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