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iii Crochet

From Me to You

Afternoon. How’re you today? Me? A little sneezy. It’s been windy every day and the backyard neighbor is getting a tree of his cut down so you can imagine what’s in the air.

Want to send out a quick thank you for your sympathy in regards to the news about Mortimer. Our crew’s doing okay.

On a tangent we are a little worried about these kittens (four tuxedos + one black one) of a stray. They’ve been hanging in our backyard the past, few days and ran off when the landscaper came. Our shelter is not taking any healthy strays because of COVID-19 which is why we’ve left them alone. The kittens seem to be around eight weeks from our estimate of when she was preggers. Their mama currently has been looking for them since yesterday. Only one is still around, one that almost ran off today from the falling sawdust. I managed to scare it the other way so it’s back in the plant bush waiting for his mama.

To buffer this, I’ll show you Minnie, chillaxin under the dining room table:

She gets three shots tomorrow at her overdue, annual exam; don’t think she’s going to be a happy camper, LOL ^__^.

I swear she eats more now, eating up her daily allowance by the evening. I think Mortie used to hog the food.

Granny Progress

I worked on this blanket last week when baseball season started. I had to rip back good progress because I went out of color order – doh!:

However from the last post, I did make more stripe progress, going from 11 to 14 and a 1/2 of them.

Okay, off to make iced tea. TTYS. Bye.

6 thoughts on “iii Crochet”

  1. Minnie looks quite content to being an only cat at the moment. I hope the mama cat and her kittens are ok. Have you been putting out food and water for them?

    Your blanket looks good. Reminds me of the one I am doing, Sock Scrap Granny Stripes.


    1. Yes, food and water out for them. She is a young mama herself! I think it’s b/c of us that her kittens are good-sized and healthy. She can’t carry them really in her mouth.


  2. Odd that the momma cat found you guys when Moritimer passed. Feral outdoor cats are not easy to change if they haven’t been with people yet. I love your crochet.


  3. It’s good to see Minnie looking fine. And I’m reminded how much I like the colors in that blanket your crocheting! 🙂


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