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Made For 30

Good afternoon. I’m currently waiting for butter and eggs to come to room temperature. I’m just going to make classic, Nestle Tollhouse cookies but, I think I will use the smaller scoop and bake them at 350° so we’ll have a bigger quantity in our cookie jar. The husband always complains about how fast they disappear.

Well guess what’s done, ppl?!

This pair was technically completed two nights ago. I wove in the eight ends last night.


  • Pattern: Brenda’s Basic Toe Up Sock
  • Designer: Brenda Vanlerberghe
  • Yarn 1: Must Stash Yarn & Fiber
  • Yarn Base 1: Perfect Must Match
  • Colorway 1: Chewie
  • Yarn 2: Knit Picks Stroll Solids
  • Colorway 2: Dove Heather
  • Cast On Size: 72 stitches

How my husband is wearing them today. He didn’t want to “get them dirty” by having his socks touch the floor. My honey plans to wear them to work ^__^.

It feels good to have an FO for this year. I swear it feels I haven’t had one for a very long time. Finally, I am free, I am free!

I plan to cast on a sock for myself, but I will take a break from TAAT. I’m going into rebel mode – I want to knit a sock in one colorway for a pair and then start a second pair before going back to the first one to keep sock knitting fun for myself.

Okie doke; off the check the ingredients. Thanks for droppin by and for understanding about not being able to fully comment right now. The “like” button ^__^ is available, hee hee. TTYS.