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33 Knit for Me

Good evening on this Hump Day. Thank you for your stars of support on the last post. The husband wears his socks in bed; his little toes get cold at night, ^__^ LOL.

Catching Up

Me and the crew are doing well here. My cookies came out okay. I thought using the smaller scoop meant I should lower the temperature to 350° and bake for 8 minutes. However, the first tray came out looking a little raw in the middle. I don’t know if it’s because my butter was too soft when I first started even though I ended up putting the finished dough in the frig afterwards for a good hour. I cranked the oven back up to 375° and the middles baked better. Maybe my baking soda is getting old? It’s frustrating I tell you.

Minnie had her annual check up at the vet on the 30th last month. She weighed in at 11 lbs, 9 oz. The vet said she had to lose 2-3 lbs ^__^. I had to reduce her daily food from 3/4 of a cup to 1/2; today she keeps going back to her bowl which is empty after eating up her chow within four hours.

I’m sore, having gone back to weights last week since using them strengthens my body and kicks up my metabolism. I used to do certain exercises 2x a week but now target my arms, core, thighs, and junk-in-the-trunk more. Every day there is 4 miles of cardio. After the treadmill, MW there are seven exercises, TuTh there are eight, and Fridays I have regular crunches, shoulders, and chest. I already feel the difference in my body shape so hoo-rah for that!


I’m finally using my new project bag; it was sitting somewhere with new yarn purchases in it.

This yarn is Patons Kroy Socks in the Clover colorway. I had bought this skein (at Michael’s with a coupon) after seeing it on Edible Thoughts Makes, a Youtube podcast by Stephanie; she is an amazing knitter with a terrific eye for color combinations and she’s really good about using up her scraps.

I separated the skein into two balls: one is 27g and the other is 25g. The yarn is labeled as 50g, but only has about 166 yards in it. I didn’t know if I’d have enough yarn to knit a pair of socks although I think I technically should since I just plan to knit shorties, the only kind of socks I actually wear during the cold months.

Here’s a close up of the marled yarn:

I decided to knit the first sock’s toe in Pumpkin (leftovers in Tough Sock Love by Sweet Georgia) just in case I needed the extra yardage.

Patterns Used/In Use

  1. Judy’s Magic Cast On – Youtube tutorial by Rizzaknits
  2. Brenda’s Basic Toe-Up Sock by Brenda Vanlerberghe

I like Rizzaknits’s version because the way she casts on makes the stitches sit right on the needles. I love Brenda’s pattern as you know so if ain’t broke, why fix it?

One technique I wanted to try was weaving-in-ends-as-you-go. I have several Youtube videos pinned but found the one by VeryPink Knits weaves in not only the tail of the old color, but also the tail of the new color. I like how it came out.

When I posted about this on IG, other knitters have mentioned Stephen West has a video tutorial on how he weaves in ends in his shawls. This prolific knitter designs out of the box and so his designs are knitted in different directions and are full of color. I will definitely check his way out.

Hmmm…debating now on whether to drag out all the sewing paraphernalia. I’m feeling lazy fo of course and will probably just park my butt on the couch and knit. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Thanks for poppin in; TTYS!