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35 Knit for Me: Latest & Favorite WIP


Good afternoon. It’s a little after 4:30 here. Staying inside has been the plan with the air being unhealthy from all the smoke of the east bay fires. Our Golden State has many fires going on with little containment. These may have been started by the bright lightning and the extremely loud thunderstorm we had Sunday.

Thankfully, the dames and I already took care of picking up their textbooks the past, two days. Monday, the high school didn’t have many volunteers so the drive-thru was backed up. The junior and I were in the car for 1 hour, 40 minutes from start to finish – all sticky n’ sweaty by the time we got home. She wasn’t pleased with her ID photo as she looked red and shiny.

Yesterday though was faster, only taking 50 minutes. The junior high had more helpers. My kid met her U.S. History teacher who was passing out the books at that station.

Favorite WIP

While I should finish the second cuff of my nephew’s cardigan, I cast on a new WIP. I was itching to start another shawl after the epic Groovy one (all blocked but needs a photo shoot). I had intended to make Elbow River, but realized I only had three colorways by one dyer instead of the pattern’s intended four. I debated on whether or not to wing it as a few other knitters did or wait and buy another skein.

I then got the idea to search on Ravelry shawl patterns in fingering weight and that had three colors. Free Your Fade came up. I solicited my mama’s advice, emailing her screenshots and she liked this pattern more.

In my stash, I have three skeins of Teenybutton Studio yarn in different bases:

  1. Base: Solo Single – Colorway: Treacle Tart

2. Base: Tough Sock – Colorway: Keeper of the Keys

3. Base: Soft Sock – Hedwig

Can you tell how much I love knitting with Harry Potter colorways? ^__^

I’m starting off with Treacle Tart:

The colorway is darker in person. When I took this photo I purposely closed the blinds so there wouldn’t be an overabundance of light but well, *shrugs*.

I looked at Free Your Fade’s project page and the gallery of FO’s and WIP’s to determine which end was started first so I could decide on which skein of yarn to use first. Hedwig will the bright, ending section that will show the most I believe.

I am loving this pattern. I had to start, stop, and frog a few times because that’s just me getting used to new instructions and counting stitches. Now that I’m in the rhythm of everything I love the easy, intuitive knitting + how Andrea laid her instructions out and the font she used.

Hope you’re cooler than our 90° and are immersed in much cleaner air than we are here. Enjoy the rest of your Hump Day. Bye and TTYS.