Cat, Minnie

1 Minerva, the Tuxedo

What’s for Lunch?

Good afternoon. It’s 2:05 pm here in the Bay Area of the west coast. I’ve been cooking our OMAD: bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs that have been dredged in seasoned flour and pan-fried in butta – 5 minutes each side. They just came out from a 400° oven after baking for 30 minutes. I have Kirkland pesto, focaccia bread now in there.


Speaking of OMAD, I took the plunge and measured myself recently. I wanted to get an idea of my measurements since I’ve been looking at knitting patterns of late. In addition, I wanted to see if I had any results after practicing Intermittent Fasting for a year (+ 3 weeks). I wasn’t disappointed! Besides losing 12 lbs (half was from recovering from oral surgery), I lost 3″ from my waist, 1″ from my arms, and 1″ off my hips! Hoo-rah!

Feline Cuteness Coming Your Way

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of Minerva/Minnie. Are you ready for some cuteness? Roll the photos…

  1. Our tuxedo cat made herself comfortable in my sewing cart.
  2. She likes to chillax under the piano bench and she uses those soft, furniture movers as her scratching post.
  3. Minnie can make funny expressions when she stretches; that dining chair is one of her favorite spots.
  4. I call this, “Minerva’s editorial shot.”
  5. How she positions herself when I’m giving her scritches behind her ears.

Okie doke. I need to get our meal divvied out and on the table. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Thanks for poppin by and TTYS.