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Made For 31: Sleeve Island

The Latest

Afternoon. How’re you today? Does it seem even quieter around your town with school back in session?

My kids started Wednesday. Waking up was hard on them, even for me as I’m the alarm clock. Their dad told them the day before they had to get up, brush their teeth and their hair, and get dressed for the day. So the first day of school I made my dames take a picture outside the house; the younger one was of course thrilled, LOL.

The school day for both of my daughters is an hour shorter:

  • The teenager, now a junior, has a block schedule four days a week. She has three classes (90 minutes each) on those days. All classes (40 minutes each) are on Hump Day. Every teacher starts out with synchronous instruction for half the period and then the rest of the time is asynchronous learning time where students can work on assignments.
  • The 8th grader has every class each day. They’re only about 40 minutes each.

Speaking of my youngest…I had to message her English Honors teacher to confirm we had read the technology agreement. I had put in the message how I was the parent of J’s older sister, C, and that I was the one who had knitted the baby hat for her first bebe. This teacher was so sweet and wrote back, telling me both of her boys (todders now) wore it, and she included pictures, something I need to check out on School Loop. On the first day of school, this woman asked my 8th grader if she was so-and-so’s sister. My kid was embarassed and was like, now she’s going to call on me all the time! ^__^ LOL!

There was a bit of excitement yesterday. Unfortunately, there was a scare for teachers on selective campuses, one of them being our high school. Online threats were made so any staff on campus had to go home while the police investigated everything. Thankfully, these threats were found to be invalid and thankfully all students aren’t on campus at this time.

The Knitty

I haven’t worked on this WIP for some time, however, I wanted to show you its previous progress:

The visit to sleeve island is almost complete! I have to knit the blue cuff to finish it off.

After that these parts will be up next:

  1. pockets
  2. elbow patches.

I don’t know if I will gift this for Christmas to my nephew. His sixth birthday is six days before the holiday, but we usually celebrate his and his siblings’ birthdays in mid-January. Who knows with COVID-19 right now which may affect whether or not I’ll actually get to see him in person. I haven’t seen my brother and his ohana since February at my grandfather’s funeral, so we’ll see.

Well, off to figure out the OMAD for today. I hope you’re having a good Friday. TGIF! TTYS.