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Baking, eight: ‘Nana Nuts

Good evening. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen. I was in the mood to bake today so…

This is Baker by Nature’s Maple Pecan Banana Muffins. I didn’t realize it was vegan til later on ^__^, LOL! I just appreciated how I didn’t have to worry about raw bacteria.

I haven’t made muffins for a very long time. Mine always stuck to the paper liners and that had bugged me. In a conversation last month, one of my BFF’s mentioned she sprays the liners with nonstick spray. This recipe mentions this trick too. So I did and love, love how this batch came out.

I didn’t have any pecans but there was a bag of walnuts in the rack. I toasted them in my little pan before starting to put together the recipe. I didn’t have turbinado sugar so I used granulated; the tops of these muffins came out shiny and with a slight crunch. Each member of our crew had one and give this recipe a thumbs up! I was able to get 20 out of this batch (the recipe says a dozen) maybe because I had filled up the liners about 3/4 of the way.

Off to knit! Thanks for poppin your head in. TTYS.