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36 Knit for Me: Tart to the Keeper

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Hi there. Are you experiencing a heatwave like the Bay Area? Today’s in the low 100’s. Where I live there still is smoke in the air. The SCU Lightning Complex is the closest fire to us, but more southeast. Thankfully the winds have been blowing in the other direction. My husband kept an eye on it, but he hasn’t been worried about it coming over to our area. It’s now 88% contained. We haven’t had our windows open since the fires started; I’m grateful for AC.

Gettin Knitty

Guess what?!

I knitted my first fade! I finished section one of Treacle Tart. Recently, I faded into Keeper of the Keys.

I absolutely love this pattern – Free Your Fade – by Andrea Mowry. It’s so dang easy to remember and it’s intuitive knitting. I happily work on this WIP while watching Netflix:

  • a few episodes of Itaewon Class
  • binged on two seasons of Lucifer
  • now on season two of The Great British Baking Show

Add in knitting with Harry Potter-inspired colorways equals one, happy camper.

I totally recommend this shawl pattern. I am sure, fellow knitters, you have three skeins of yarn that would perfectly fade into one another. Let me know if you go off and start digging through your stash, ^__^ LOL! Yep, I’m enabling you.

Off to knit. TTYS.

17 thoughts on “36 Knit for Me: Tart to the Keeper”

  1. Your fade is amazing Just beautiful . I wish garter and i could get along! I have 3 skien to blend! Sorry about your heat. We have had a spectacular summer in Wisconsin: more days in the low 80s with sun, than I ever remember !

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  2. Definitely no heatwave at the moment here in he Highlands, our heating has started to come on in the morning as the nights are very cold now. I hope it cools down for you soon and the fires are sorted. I follow a lady in Colorado and they had bad fires this year as well. The fade looks great.

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      1. Oh no! I’m in Australia and had months of smoke haze end 2019 – start 2020, but we luckily didn’t have fire where we are. I really hope the fires there are under control soon 🤞🍀

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  3. Your fade is coming along beautifully! I have that pattern in my queue and need to start knitting more. I’m not sure what it is, I just haven’t had the bug the last few months. I’ve been gaming a lot instead, while listening to audio books. I think I may even have the colors picked out for it.

    We, of course, have also been affected by the smoke and ash from fires here in the South Bay. I can’t wait until we can open the windows again. I miss have that fresh morning air and sleeping with the windows open. It got to 112°F here yesterday, is “cooling down” to 98° today and then back into the 80°’s. Luckily, as you know, it cools down in the night.

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