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38 Knit for Me: 65% Done

Afternoon. It’s already about mid-September! How time flies. Our air is still categorized at unhealthy. Supposedly by Thursday it’ll get better and become moderate. We are getting cooler temperatures in the morning, almost fall-like.

A Past Celebration

Last Monday it was my 46th. For me, the “celebration” started on Friday, the 4th, and ended Monday, the 7th:


One shortie is done! Have you knitted with Paton’s Kroy before? If so, what’s your favorite colorway? I have found it is a thick wool for sure. My feet will be warm with it on when it starts getting cold in the house.

The toe is in Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock in Pumpkin. The heel is in Zen Yarn Garden’s Serenity 20 in Flamenco; I wouldn’t mind having more of this yarn; the cashmere is super soft.

Here are pics of how neat the inside is:

(left) weaving in the ends as I go at the end of the toe

(right) clean knitting when working a toe-up, heel turn and heel flap

I am now slowly knitting up the second sock:

The toe is completely finished. The foot is started. I’m sure getting in good practice with this toe-up sock knitting.

Off to make some tea, knit, and watch GBBS. Ta-ra. TTYS.

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  1. I have a question for you……..When you do toe up, do you start them on DPN’s or do you start them on circulars? If you start them on DPN’s is there a video you used to learn how to do that?

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