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39 Knit for Me: Fuzzy Wuzzy

Thank you for the birthday wishes. This year was one of the best ones. I’m pretty easy going when it comes to it. I just want to craft in peace and not have to cook.

So right before the day, I decided to look online for my birthday gift. One knitter on IG had shown off the tweedy yarn she had picked up from the Knit Picks sale. Curious, I decided to look as there was a pattern sitting in my queue.

Ta-da! Meet Wool of the Andes and Aloft; these two pictures show the true color.

Wool of the Andes is 100% wool. Aloft is 75% mohair + 25% silk. I can’t remember if any of these were on sale. Maybe the WOTA was.

And what am I making?

Why legwarmers ^__^, LOL. I have Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Super-Easy Leg Warmers is one of the book’s patterns. You hold a strand of each yarn together to knit and purl.

See the all the fuzzy wuzziness?

I had almost leaned toward a pink, but this Celestial was so pretty and drew my eyeballs in.

Oh, and I had a Homer Simpson – doh – moment. On the project page it says 900 yards are required. I didn’t think. I thought it meant 900 yards per yarn so I bought nine balls of WOTA and four balls of A. The lightbulb didn’t come on until after the yarn had arrived. Oh well, I’m sure I can use the extras for something else wonderful.

I’m using a US 7 (4.5 mm) on a 12″ circular. It’s soothing knitting going around and around and around while I watch TV. Makes me very happy!

Okie doke, off to knit and watching more GBBS – I’m on season five now I think. Thanks for dropping by. TTYS.

13 thoughts on “39 Knit for Me: Fuzzy Wuzzy”

  1. Loved all the GBB . So much here to watch right now between CUBS (ten regular season games left) , Golf (sad face…but my husband loves it) , and the Tour de France. So we are not watching any series to much right now.
    I love your birthday blues!


  2. Glad you HAD a good birthday! I meant to type that, but my fingers were evidently tripping over each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ I looked back a post and saw the beautiful flowers and scrumptious eats. Lots of beauty on your special day.


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