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Made For 32: Orangey Cuteness

Sunday. What’s your main goal for today? Me? Washing the sheets, comforter, and blanket.

I’m also debating on whether or not to bake. You know I’ve been rewatching Great British Baking Show which makes me hungry and search on Pinterest for recipes of the challenges; I’m on collection six that has Kim-Joy as one of the contestants. I adore her; she’s so cute. I’ve been eyeing her first cookbook and requested it from the library.

Do any of you follow Lisa Seifert, a.k.a. DoleValleyGirl? I happened to win her latest giveaway on IG! I didn’t even remember entering actually, LOL.

I won two skeins of the orange. The dark green is ivy. The lighter green is alfafa.

Now the alfafa is currently in the form of those little yarn apples and what’s not pictured…yarn barf mess. Minnie got into my tote bag and got a hold of this color, not once but twice. If you follow me on IG, you’d have seen the video my 8th grader recorded when she came out to the living room to get a snack. I finally smartened up by tying the handles of the bag into a knot.

This is the pattern I won of hers as well. I’ve always liked this design. Lisa has a beautiful family who appears in her IG feed now and then.

And here is what I’ve gotten done so far. You know in the past, the yarns that have had acrylic in it I could feel that plastic but in this one I can’t. Mighty Stitch is soft and I think it’s because there is some wool in it. I like knitting with this line.

I’m making the 3-6 months. My gauge tends to run one needle size down from what the designer uses. I didn’t have a US 6/4.25 mm, so I’m using a US 5/3.75 mm and a US 3/3.25 mm. Both circulars are 12″. This length can be a bit tight to handle but I try to relax my hands and wrists and take my time.

Okay, off to do things. Thanks for poppin by. TTYS.

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  1. I love that you’ve found an acrylic that doesnt FEEl that way. My goals were to: write postcards for the Democrats, mail the postcards in the downtown Mailbox outside the post office, get knitting again, and take to my Illinois neighbors on zoom. All this and more got done. 🙂 Now I’m pooped

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  2. Cute hat, Stef – and pretty yarns. Being used to working with acrylics, and owning many brands, I know there is great variety in how the different brands feel. Sometimes different colors in the same brand feel different. I’ve used some acrylics I’d never want to work with again, and others that are so soft… the few acrylic/wool blends I have feel scratchy to me. Except Lion Brand’s Woolspun – that stuff is heavenly, but it only had a short run. I stocked up on it when it was being discontinued and I could find it marked down. I only wish I had grabbed up more of it. All of this makes me think how what we’re used to working with surely affects how we perceive what we’re not so familiar with. I suspect we’re each more sensitive to the negative characteristics in unfamiliar yarn. I’m glad you won some yummy yarn. 🙂


  3. I love Kim Joy! At the beginning of the season I wasn’t sure what to make of her because I thought it might be an act but as the series went on I realized that that was really and truly who she was. That was just a great season. Now I want to rewatch it!

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