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Cross Stitch X

Hello. Oh boy it’s been days since I’ve last posted. Sorry about that; when I don’t preplan ahead and note down on my Google calendar, I forget about blogging. However, I did catch up on your posts!


Some time ago, I finished this piece by Country Cottage Needleworks. It’s Glitter House 7 of Glitter Village.

My favorite part is the aquamarine cottage. I got a little bored with all the white details. I am also dubious about some of the colors in the color scheme.

Right now I’m awaiting for fabric I had ordered last night on Etsy. I want to make a pillow out of this but with more bells and whistles. I needed a subtle, winter print that would vibe with this design and found some in an Ohio shop.

BTW, rescued this piece this morning! I was walking out of my room and heard Minnie playing with something on the floor. She was batting this FO around with her paws in her mama’s room! How rude.


Do you watch any Flosstubes? My friend, Kim Gatz, and her daughter, Sarah, have one called Stitch and Stuff. They are funny. I got to meet Kim one summer on a trip to Seattle with my hubbie; she met up with me at a Starbucks while my husband went to go study at a bookstore across the way. We had such a gab fest.

Anyways, Kim and Sarah are enablers; they have so many cross stitch WIP’s going, all cute and fun. I’ve been learning about new designers because of them. I’ve also been adding new designs to my wishlist on – a site where you can find many a cross stitch pattern and floss. I haven’t been to Joann nor Michael’s since March so I’ve been buying online.

Because I’ve been enjoying Stitch and Stuff, I’ve been itchin to start another cross stitch pattern. I had first wanted to finish off the cottage but when I found I didn’t have the right fabric print to go with it, I started this one:

The crow is pretty much done; I’m saving backstitching his legs for at the end. I’ve started on the letter, A.

This is the pattern: Autumn by The Cross-Eyed Cricket. I found out about her designs on IG from other stitchers. I love her aesthetic.

Here’s an upclose look at the design:

Ain’t it cute?! I love it. In this same style, she designed months of the year. I plan get our birthday months in the future. I also like the winter-themed one too.

Okie doke, off to knit. Apparently last night I had an epiphany. I realized a four-row pattern times a repeat of four didn’t equal 36. I don’t know WTH I was thinking when I had started the stitch pattern for the hat. There was a lot of ripping back.

Thanks for poppin in. TTYS.

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  1. Dang so cute and what a lovely pillow it will make. I don’t cross stitch but I know Kimberley from Fat Quarter shop has a floss tube thing and they make cute stuff too. Love that Autumn one. Now that would be tempting.

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  2. Wow – I love all of the different crafting you do! I’m crediting you with inspiring me to crochet again (a couple of amigurumi and a couple of blankets later!!!) and then I went and bought a sewing machine to be able to do my own repairs and maintenance and to whip up small stuff when I ‘need’ to! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

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  3. Hi Stefanie! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your needlework is beautiful, I love that cottage piece! The “Autumn” design is really nice! Glad to be back to reading blogs again! I’m the same way though, I totally forget about blogging sometimes, then I’m rushing last minute!

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