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40 Knit for Me: Fadin Along

It’s fall y’all! Here in the Bay Area temperatures are slowly dropping. Last week was all 90’s with smoky air and hazy skies. Today was in the mid-80’s and the weather will go into the 70’s afterwards. About damn time.

I’ve been having pumpkin tea each day to satisfy my fall mood and I recently decorated my mantle with felted, mini pumpkins & little, costumed bears + two, ceramic houses that light up along with a ceramic pumpkin that lights up the word, boo. I added this year a wooden, black, witch’s hat I had seen at Target.

This picture makes me so happy to see how well this fade worked from Treacle Toffee to Keeper of the Keys:

I’m at least two-thirds of the way done with section two of Free Your Fade. *fist pump*

And here are the two, progress keepers – a fall cupcake and a slice of pumpkin pie – that I’m using to give me a visual of how much I’m able to get done in a sitting. Sorry, I can’t remember who made these.

Okie doke, off to knit. I had to frog the baby beanie so I can restart on bigger needles. My gauge was off, especially the row gauge, noticeably so. TTYS.

18 thoughts on “40 Knit for Me: Fadin Along”

  1. Stefanie, I love the second colorway on that shawl!!! Wowza. Beautiful side by side color choices. You go girl. I took down my CUBS flag. REady to deocrate for Halloween. THank God we had 70s in Oklahoma and we have sunny 70 shere in Wisconsin . I cried enough sunday and monday Leaving Al. THe Sun ALWAYS helps me. How are the girls doing with school?


  2. Those progress keepers are SO NEAT Stefanie!! I’m definitely in a fall kind of mood, lots of warm, spicy comfort food happening here this month! πŸ™‚


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