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41 Knit for Me: The Stitch Counter Is Saving Me

Five Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Forty Days

Good evening. Our firstborn turned 16 yo in the wee hours of this morning. I can’t believe how time flies. I posted a collage of her with her different hairstyles over the years on IG and FB. If you’re viewing the blog as is on the WWW, you can see a thumbnail over there to the right in the sidebar.

The junior had her usual school day. Afterwards, my husband picked up poke bowls at her request which made our daughter very happy. A bit later the four of us will have some of the tiramisu torte I had found at TJ’s earlier this week.


Because Becki had asked…

These are my autumn decorations I put out each year onto our fireplace mantle:

  • This collection of costumed bears my mom bought over the years; there are doubles because she had given certain sets to her granddaughters. My favorites are the costumes that have the cute mouthpieces.
  • Those two, little mice are the only mice I will ever like; they have fancy attire on.
  • I bought the ceramics that light up from Target.
  • The black, witch’s hat is from there also and is a new addition.


I am now on this pumpkin sock’s gusset. I am only knitting the textured, stitch pattern on the instep/on the top of the sock. The gusset is in stockinette stitch, like the toe.

As I’ve mentioned before, I use a stitch counter app on my iPhone called iStitchCounters; looking now, it doesn’t have a high rating in the app store, but it works fine for me.

I like it because I can make several counters for one project. I can lock the counter when I’m done with it so the number doesn’t get accidentally changed.

I like to record the numbers over to the project’s Ravelry notebook page when I’m done with the WIP.

The first, three counters are what I’m currently using. I’m keeping track of increasing the gusset on the backside, the stitch pattern on the instep, and knitting straight every other round just on the gusset side. The stitch pattern is in multiples of four, but the instep is only 30 stitches. At first that had alarmed me, but I realized it was okay because of the way the gusset knitting works in which the stitch pattern would get disrupted at both ends and look funny.

Okay, off to cut the torte up. Have a good evening and TTYS.

14 thoughts on “41 Knit for Me: The Stitch Counter Is Saving Me”

  1. I have to pass this stitch counter information on to Al and Karen. They are technical knitters and they would probably love this. Happy 16year old Celebrations. Clearly your girls are headed in the right direction. They are close the parents, grands , aunts , uncles, etc.


  2. Oooh! I’m so tickled you took pictures of your mantle, Stef. The costumed bears are adorable and I love your knit pumpkins. I also really like those plain white lighted houses. I imagine those can serve many seasons. Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. Happy birthday to your oldest! Sounds like a lovely birthday (and I’m looking for Tiramisu Torte next time I’m at TJ’s!). I love your mantle and how fun about the bears! I do love a collection and that’s a particularly fun one.

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