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42 Knit for Me: Knit a Shortie

A quick post today. This second Clover sock is ready for gusset knitting:

Sixty-one rounds of its foot has been completed.

Recently I tried switching back to Continental knitting which helped with my elbows and wrists. I’m trying to vary knitting styles on my WIP’s as my left elbow and right wrist have been bothering me again even though I am vigilant about wearing my compression sleeves and gloves. I’m going to try icing the areas too.

Off to make more tea. I get sleepy around this time in the afternoon. BTW, have any of you tried August Uncommon tea? I kept seeing them advertised on IG so I started following them. Their blends look really good.

Oh and thank you for all of your birthday wishes for the junior. She had a good day Friday; one of her girlfriends left a birthday balloon tied to a gift bag of goodies on our portch for her that afternoon. Saturday our crew traveled up to the city to have dinner with my parents. Her Bella made her spaghetti with big meatballs, had a charcuterie board laid out, and breadsticks all styled in cups. I made strawberry shortcakes for the very first time. Have you made that before? They came out pretty good as layers were visible on the sides. This dessert is easy to whip up as well. I intend to try them again. TTYS!

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  1. Strawberry shortcake is one of my absolute favorite desserts. So glad the teen had a great birthday!
    PS If you remember the basic setup of the Lady Sherlock books I think you’re good to jump in where ever. There’s a lot of talk of Moriarty but it’s all very shadowy and vague.

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  2. So glad your Sweet 16 year old had a happy birthday. I did see the pictures of the strawberry shortcakes at the top of your blog. And they looked so good. Good to know those aren’t hard to make. I must try sometime. I don’t IG, but I was able to scroll through a few pictures before I wasn’t allowed any more access. The food spread looked amazing.


  3. Love love love the red toes.
    Your daughters are both amazing women. They are growing with their extended family’s love. breadsticks sound amazing and shortcakes..> Mmmmmmm bring on the whip


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