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Cross Stitch XI

Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

I haven’t been outside much so I haven’t had a chance to appreciate the changings of fall. However, this is how I feel internally. We are waving goodbye to the 90’s and going down to the 80’s this week. The week afterwards will supposedly be in the 70’s. Where I am in the bay area our town doesn’t cool down until November, but our mornings have been starting off colder.

I finished “A”. I am saving all single, backstitching for the very end + I need to figure out how to stitch the cat’s eyes.

I’m working on the last of the “U” of Autumn. I have three, more apples to stitch up. Below you can see each apple requires three colors:

I tried cross stitching without the hoop but I still dealt with trigger thumb. I swear I am getting bust up from knitting and cross stitching. My left elbow has been bothering me more lately. I may look into a better, cross stitch stand but those contraptions are much bigger and the pieces I usually stitch are small.

How do you stay ergonomic while cross stitching?

Thanks for poppin in. TTYS. Bye.

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  1. Looking great. Isn’t it so annoying that the crafts we love give us problems with our bodies. I know quilting catches me too, I know I should stretch etc but I am well intentioned but that’s about all.


    1. When you find out how to do cross stitch, knitting, sewing and any other crafts ergonomically, let us know. Portuguese knitting has helped quite a bit but I have issues doing it with DPNs. As for cross stitch, I have to use a hoop or my hands don’t last long either.


  2. I’m no expert, by any means, but my K’s Creation Z-Frame table top cross stitching stand is the most ergonomic I’ve been able to make stitching. My thumb and wrist couldn’t handle holding even a small hoop for very long. To be completely honest, though, when stitching with a stand of any type I’m concluding one possibly trades one issue for another. With a stand, one has to be aware of the angle of the head and slumping shoulders (and adjust the stand accordingly), and my right shoulder can get stiff if I stitch too long. But I think that may be a hold over from knitting… IOW, I’m not sure stitching alone would have caused my right shoulder issue. In case it’s helpful, this is the URL to my review shortly after receiving it:


  3. Stef,
    I try to use the lightest yarn I can when I’m kntting. i am really paying the price for using small needles with a worsted yarn. Yes, the hat is warm warm warm, but I really hurt my already unhappy right hand. Cycling makes it go dead. I wake up and it is asleep for a good half hour. I am trying to wear braces at night. BTW: I have so many cute stitch things Love Crafts seems to be showing amiliion cute things: Snowflake Ruglatch hook, a Really cute Christmas Morning pets Cross stitch, Berries Cushion Cross stitch kit. ;lRight now I;m typing with the keyboard A FOOT FROM THE EDGE OF THE table, just to stretch and mix it up. Good luck


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