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43 Knit for Me: This is Halloween

Drop a Verse

Perfect Pumpkins Big and Round
They Lay Upon the Muddy Ground
With Leaves and Vines all Intertwined
That’s the one that should be mine…!!!
“Happy Halloween…!!!"

Happy Halloween. Are you celebrating in some way today? I don’t know if we’re getting any trick-or-treaters tonight, but just in case, I picked up a bag of candy from Target.

Boo! Baby!

So…do I have an update for you!

I worked on this sock earlier in week, knitting this colorwork with two hands. To tell you the truth, it almost annihilated my wrists. I was in so much pain that night. I’ve been taking Advil and staying away from knitting.

However, the colorwork came out awesome!

This colorwork pattern is Spooktacular and Bat-tastic by Anna Lange. It’s free and I’ve had my eye on it for ages. It was what I wanted to knit for the #pumpkinmal2020. After I had finished the toe I thought it would be cool to incorporate the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern because a Hogwarts Halloween has always been memorable to me.

Tips for Knitting Colorwork on DPN’s

  1. Remember, the dominant yarn is in your left hand; what this means is the colorwork design will pop more against the background color.
    • I knit the Continental style (pick) with my left hand, holding the black yarn for the pumpkins. For the orange background, I knit the English style (throw) with my right hand.
  2. To avoid tight floats, make sure your fabric on the right needle is flat.
  3. If you have to make a float to a stitch on the left DPN from a stitch that is on the right needle, turn the right needle straight so it lines up as best as it can with the left one.
    • Make sure the fabric is flat and then make your float.
  4. If there are some places where you have to make a float across more than five stitches, catch the float after knitting those five stitches or even in the middle of that color section.
    • For example: there were times I had to knit seven, black stitches. I would catch the float after four stitches.
    • I used this video to relearn how to catch a float.

Okie doke. Off to make more hot water. It is 64° in our house. Brrr! Have a great and safe Halloween. TTYS.

15 thoughts on “43 Knit for Me: This is Halloween”

  1. That is a really cute sock, but I’m so sorry it’s painful for you to knit it. I meant to turn off our heat last night (‘cuz I like a cool house to sleep in). The house probably would have cooled down to 60 on it’s own, but hubs told me I accidentally turned the air conditioning on when I only meant to turn the heat off! Oy! It was comfy to sleep in, though…


  2. Wow your color work is wonderful. So someone told me , who who who? that you do not have to carry your floats. I questioned this. Ponder ponder ponder…..who was it?
    Happy Spooky Halloween


  3. Love love love the socks. I wasn’t quite sure what would happen here but it ended up being not much of anything but having a relaxing evening was good (and extra candy!). I love the socks!


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