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Notebook of a Beginner Sewist 11: Skirtin in the Linen

In my absence here, I’ve been busy here sewing away!


  • pattern: Cleo Skirt
  • view: View B
  • designer: Made by Rae
  • fabric: Kaufman Brussels Linen Blend
  • color: Yarn Dye Sage
  • purchased from

What I Love

  1. View B
    • This view of Cleo is more a midi-length. I’ve always wanted a skirt of this length.
  2. Pocket
    • Boy, I love a good pocket!
    • I followed Rae’s preference of sewing the bottom opening of the pocket up an inch so nothing will fall out of it; what a clever idea.
  3. The feel of linen
    • I grew up in fog and here in the warmer, east bay I usually wear plain, ol’ cotton. I love the feel of this material; it’s a little nubby and has drape.


Oh hecks to the no. The very first time I made the Cleo Skirt, it was Vew A and I didn’t take my time. Making the waistband and dealing with the gathering was very frustrating for me.

With this second go, I made sure to take my time. Yeah, I had to redo some parts, but it was well worth it. The inside of my waistband isn’t perfect as I would like, but I’m very satisfied at how it looks on the outside.

Challenges & Solutions

  1. Seam Finishing
    • I tried the zig zag stitch again. I didn’t like how the raw fabric edges seemed to curl a bit so I tried the flat felled seam as Carmela Biscuit suggested; it worked wonderfully. Made to Sew’s tutorial was very helpful. I used this type of finishing for the vertical, side seams of the skirt.
    • To finish off the pockets, I used the zig zag stitch since this stitch would work better with two layers of fabric.
  2. Elastic
    • The finished measurement for an XS waist was 27″-28″. My waist is 28″. When I put in the elastic and then tried on the skirt for fit, I felt the elastic was a little too short. I cut another piece, the length for a size S, and this worked better for me.
    • Also, the elastic can move or bend, so I’m currently trying out Tori’s trick – a sewn, vertical line down the middle of the back waistband. I’ll see how it holds up with wear of Cleo.
  3. Hemming
    • I figured out last night, while hemming this skirt, that the bottom edge was rounded. I tried using my Dritz hem gauge but 1/4″ was tricky to iron up. Therefore, what I did for this first part and then the main hemming was take my gauge ruler and drew lines at the specified measurements. I then folded and pressed; hemming became so much easier!

Well, that’s it for this evening. I’m presently researching my next sewing project! I’m in the mood for a maxi dress that I can wear on Thanksgiving. Thank you for dropping by. TTYS.

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