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Notebook of a Beginner Sewist 12: A Yorkin We Will Go

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Good afternoon. What Covid-19 restrictions are you living with right now? What kind of impact are they having on you personally?

I live in California as you know. Recently, many of our counties are moving backwards as our state is experiencing a surge in virus cases. The governor has put us under curfew and if you travel out of state for Thanksgiving you need to self-quarantine for two weeks when you come back.

With this rise, my mom and I decided to have seperate, Thanksgiving dinners. She’s tired from all the weekly running around and it’s better to keep her and my dad safe; they ordered a holiday dinner from one of the chain supermarkets so she won’t have to cook. On my end, I picked up a 12.95 lb, organic turkey from Trader Joe’s. My husband was bummed at the thought he wouldn’t be able to eat his usual favorites this November so I am taking on the torch and had my mama text me the recipes she uses for the jello mold and for the stuffing. If you’re interested, let me know; I’ll write them up in another post. I took out the turkey today to thaw and will submerge it in a brine Wednesday.

Me-Made WIP

I’ve become an erratic presence in this space. Mama Uber duties has reigned for the girls’ dental and doctor appointments. This past Friday, I finally had the energy to set up here for my next, sewing project. I did have to wait for the PDF pattern to be printed and sent + for the fabric to arrive.

You see here the York Pinafore in progress. This is a popular pattern by Helen’s Closet that ranges from size 0-30; you can click here to see the variety on IG.

  1. Photo One: The pattern pieces are cut out.
    • I had to shorten the lower bodice about 1 & 3/8″ because the side scoop wouldn’t hit my natural waist.
    • I had to also “true up the arm curve,” redrawing the curve once the cut pieces were retaped together.
  2. Photo Two: Mirroring
    • This fabric is a wool blend suiting in a medium blue.
    • I made an embarassing mistake during this process yesterday evening. After using tailor’s chalk to trace one side of the front, I pinned down the other side and cut each half out separately instead of as a whole! I also made this dummy mistake for the back piece. Ack! I only realized my mistake in the middle of the night and was so bummed.
    • Plan B for this oopsies: After texting with my mom this morning, we figured out I can decrease the seam allowances for the side seams in order to accomodate the now, necessary middle seams; hopefully the apron dress won’t look funny with these seams.
  3. Photo Three: Lining
    • York Pinafore wasn’t designed to be lined. I’m going to attempt it at my mama’s suggesting so movement will be easier.
    • This is 100% polyester lining that looked lighter on the website; man it moves around a lot. It was a little pain to chalk as I had to keep checking to make sure everything was lined up with previous tracing. Tracing on this material made it move around; I had to hold it down while using the tailor’s chalk and I even put in a few more pins.

Today I had cut out the lining. I’m now taking a break from this project for the rest of the day and am going to knit.

Okay, off to make more tea. BTW, any tea drinkers out there? I’ve been trying August Uncommon Tea; I kept coming across their IG ads. I’ve been drinking Low Country (black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes), Passage (rich black tea with hazelnut and chocolate), and Psychocandy (darkly sweet roobios with pumpkin and caramel). The first and last ones have strong flavors; the second one is mellow. My favorite is the first one.

Thanks for popping in today. TTYS!

11 thoughts on “Notebook of a Beginner Sewist 12: A Yorkin We Will Go”

  1. May you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Yes staying at home seems the best way to go and good on you for getting those recipes to make Thanksgiving tasty for your husband and no doubt you all. Have been hearing about the big surge in numbers in the USA. Stay safe. We just have them at the border where they are in two weeks quarantine. Every so often a worker gets infected and they clamp down around that. Your pinafore will be awesome – enjoy the process! I am a tea drinker but a boring black tea drinker with same kind of tea all the time brewed in my pot!

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  2. We have similar restrictions here. We have decided to have just immediate family for Thanksgiving. My husband is disappointed he won’t spend time with his family but understands it’s just too many people with too wide a circle.
    Your dinner sounds like it will be small but lovely. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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  3. That pinafore is very cute and seems to have so many different ways to make it. So sorry to hear you will not be with your extended family this Thursday. Our celebration will be quite small this year too. Our numbers are in the rise too. Until a vaccine is available, we are going to be in this situation….unfortunately.

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  4. like most places,numbers on the rise here in Indiana. While counties and cities can (and do) create their own rules, statewide the restrictions are a pretty basic numbers/capacity game. Businesses are hurting, many small businesses have closed (and will continue to close). While we are concerned about the economic toll this is going to take, personally speaking, with hubs retired a year now, our lives aren’t overly effected by COVID right now except for not seeing our sons as often – though we were together in October for youngest’s birthday.

    There are no actual restrictions here regarding Thanksgiving gatherings, but the strong suggestion is to not have others in from outside one’s household. One of our sons (who’s had an outbreak at work and he’s working overtime) suggested last week that we ZOOM Thanksgiving. Frankly, I was relieved. As much as I want to see my boys (and a girlfriend now ;^) there will be opportunities for family gatherings soon enough. This, too, shall pass.

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    1. Very good points here, Becki. You’ve reminded me I should Facetime my brother and his family on turkey day; we haven’t seen them since January and I have yet to hold my new nephew.


  5. Stef
    So many people in WIsconsin have ignored and defied all suggestions regarding the pandemic, that it is a relief to have some stores take the lead and insist on masks and guidelines.
    It will be a different Thanksgiving , but one we will be remembering , I think, for a long time Starting friday capcaity for bars is 25%. I just heard churches can have 50 people just now. This is so contrary to what I know as a nurse and a informed citiizen!!


  6. I can’t wait to see how the pinafore turns out! Happy Thanksgiving Stefanie! 🙂 I’m more of a coffee or hot chocolate drinker. Tea gives me heartburn, but I suspect it’s the bags. Haven’t tried loose tea in years, though I love herbals! 🙂 Covid doesn’t really affect us here since Alex and I live such a reclusive life anyway!


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