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Why hello there. How’ve ya been? I certainly hope you and yours are healthy and safe.

12.95 lb, organic turkey from Trader Joe’s

I don’t have much to show for our turkey day. I kind of slacked off in prep and was prepping and cooking for most of the morning to the afternoon. This caused me to goof up the jello mold recipe. I wasn’t thinking and used the amount of liquid from the jello boxes (not supposed to) and the recipe which caused the jello to have too much liquid – doh!

You see up there our bird. Two Sundays ago I took it out to thaw. Wednesday I immersed it in a brine recipe by Real Simple. Thursday, I started prepping it for the oven before 9:30am. I S&P’d it all over. Herbs, onion, and lemon slices were placed under the skin of the breast and inside the cavity. I also brushed melted butta all over as well.

I rounded off its weight to 13 lbs and multiplied that by 17 minutes, getting about 3 hours and 40 minutes. In all honesty, I probably could have done the math with its accurate weight; I think if it was 10 minutes less my turkey would have been a solid A. My perfectionist self feels I scored an A-/B+. The dark meat was good and white meat pretty good. The kids liked the wings so that was a relief to know the meat wasn’t tough and dry.

Here’s the stuffing I made:

It was good, not perfect, but tasty. The husband didn’t see chestnuts at Costco so he bought some at Whole Foods. Oh boy, I had to peel the suckers by cutting X’s into each one, boiling the lot, and then peeling them. I thought they would cook in the oven but they didn’t really and so they were too crunchy for my preference. Plus, the veggies were a little al dente. Nonetheless, the husband enjoyed this dish.

I forgot to throw the salad mix together and there was fluffy, mashed potatoes. Dessert was pumpkin, chocolate chip cupcakes that never got iced. Seriously, I was too tired by this point and the crew didn’t care, LOL.

We had one and a half meals of leftovers so that was nice. My mom and aunt got me this triple-decker steamer which is so handy; I steamed the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey in it last Friday. Saturday there was turkey sandwiches, salad, and stuffing. Now I need to cut up the carcass so I can make jook.

Okay, off to prep for bed and relax and read. Posts are rolling through these next, few days. The 16yo was my photographer today so I could finally have photoshoots for FO’s! TTYS. G’nite.

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  1. Your turkey and dressing look yummy. Finding the middle ground between things that are convenient and wanting tradition can feel hard sometimes. When my MIL suggested years ago that I roast the turkey the day before, slice it and store it in its juices, and heat it in the microwave or low oven the next day, I was pretty much against the whole idea. The only appeal I saw was that some of the mess on Thanksgiving day could be minimized. Well, I decided to do it one year and I’ve concluded if I ever need to roast a large bird again, I’m will do it this way. I’ve done it a few times, but we tend toward non-traditional most years. This year hubs decided he wanted turkey again, though. While I roasted a small turkey breast on Thanksgiving morning, treating the leftovers as I describe above turned out even better tasting, and moist, leftovers than when I sliced the freshly roasted bird the day before. Reminding me that I am a fan of the cook-the-day-before method. While I can’t guarantee the results, I suspect that even a slightly overcooked bird benefits from marinating in its juices.

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