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44 Knit for Me: From 2018. Wait, what?!

Raise your hand if you like taking photos of an FO with yourself in it. Any?

I have gotten real lazy when it comes to taking photos of a finished, handknit project. I swear it felt like forever to get ready in-between taking care of the meal of the day:

  1. After I had worked out, I showered and gave my hair a full, blow out.
  2. Took out the cod to have it come to room temperature and seasoned it.
  3. Worked on my make up which I had messed up on; I was trying out a new color palette but felt it was too experimental so I switched to another eye shadow set.
  4. Tried out my new, curling wand, a device that works better for my fine hair than trying to curl it with a flat iron. Sprayed my hair with hairspray and lightly, finger-combed through it all.
  5. Cooked.
  6. Changed.
  7. Bossed around the 16yo while we went through a couple of FO’s!

This shawl was completed in 2018. I had accidentally thrown away the leftover yarn in the teal color – needed for three tassels. I debated long on whether or not to order a skein, but then came to the question: What am I going to do with the rest? In the end, I decided not to make the embellishments.


  • pattern: Light and Up
  • designer: Caroline Wiens
  • yarn: Barrett Wool Co.
  • yarn base: Home Fingering Weight
  • colorways: Field & Scout
  • dress: Wiksten Shift
  • boots: Naturalizer Sycamore Boot in Cider Spice (These are so comfy and I really love the color.)

I haven’t worn this shawl yet but I’m starting to wear my handknit shawls at home since it’s cold.

The shawl cuff is by JUL Designs; it’s handy and helps keep my shawls in place. I never wore shawls I made in the past because one side would always slide off a shoulder – super annoying. The cuff is handmade, in leather, and has two, button snaps.

Okie doke. Off to read blogs. I need to catch up. Thanks for poppin by. TTYS.

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  1. I’m loving this – the colors are a perfect combo! And now that I see your shawl cuff I think I need to buy/make one for my shawls too!

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