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45 Knit for Me: Sparkle Me, Harry

You have seen this project around here. I finished it earlier this year in time to wear it at STITCHES West 2020 in late February.

What’s changed since then? Oh, I lost a couple more pounds, pretty much grew out my bangs, cut off the split ends of shelter-in-place hair, and highlighted my locks – the first time after 16 years. Plus, I wore a lighter shade of blue to set off this piece more.

On a tangent…future goal: make a black dress with a magical-themed print to wear with this shawl.


  • pattern: Purlbreak
  • designer: Stephen West
  • yarn: Forbidden Fiber Co.
  • yarn base: Pride LF
  • colors: Vault 713, House of Ravenclaw, & House of Ravenclaw II
  • dress: Wiksten Shift
  • shawl cuff: JUL Designs

I’m a big admirer of Mr. West; he is phenomenal and thinks outside the box. I am also lazy and chose this pattern because it was all garter, which means knit rows on both sides. I have some little boo boos in there but ya can’t tell and my perfectionist self is okay with that. Ya wanna know why? Because it’s all about the stellina, baby!

In addition, Harry Potter colorways make me smile. They motivate me to keep knitting on a project. This is a big, ass shawl. I have plenty of leftovers in these colors.

Well, that’s all folks, for today. Have a good Thursday. I love this day because it’s like my Friday since the husband has Friyays off. TTYS.

14 thoughts on “45 Knit for Me: Sparkle Me, Harry”

  1. Oh, what a beauty, and I mean both of you and the shawl! Stephen West’s patterns are gorgeous and I love the shawl cuff you’ve chosen!


    1. For me I do like the lob length because I get more body and it’s easier when I blow dry my hair since I use a round brush. But it can be a pain to have to blow dry my hair every day since I work out just about all week. I am going for more length again but am aiming to get a shag so all I’d have to do is spray sea salt spray and then blow my hair upside down.


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