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47 Knit for Me: We’re Almost There, Hedwig

Good evening. How’re you today? While I feel a tiny bit anxious about Christmas, I look over at my snowflake lights that are on a setting (There are nine settings to choose from!) where they alternate and flash like they’re dancing to a tune. This makes me smile.

Well, we’re almost there, Hedwig.

Section two is almost complete. I am currently 65% done with this Free Your Fade.

What I’ve knitted so far is not perfect. There have been a few times where I had to k2tog because I had an extra stitch. This most likely happened from increasing on the wrong side while not paying attention [Netflix]. It’s all good; I ain’t sweatin it.

This is the one WIP I don’t mind working on at the moment. You know why? The magic of Harry Potter. There’s something about the colorways inspired by the series that makes me happy each time I start to knit.

Okay, off to make some tea. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. TTYS.

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  1. Your comment on the snowflake lights made me smile. I love little happies (as my grandmother called them) like that. I’m nervous about Christmas too but am firmly not thinking about it until this weekend!


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