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First Book of the Year 2021


Happy New Year! Did you make a special meal and/or drinks for 2021?

You already saw the meal I made for New Year’s Eve. For the first day of January, I was pooped. I heated up the leftovers (jook, mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken) for us to eat and added a pan of canned, corned beef hash.

I did make some drinks.

2020 Reading Challenge

Well, last year I almost reached my reading goal. Because of Covid-19, I didn’t have Mama Uber duties and so read less since I was at home and had other tasks to take care of. It’s all good. I did my best.


I am participating in Shelia’s annual, First Book of the Year event.

To participate, you email her a picture of yourself with the book you’re going to read in the new year by the last day of December. She always makes several collages of readers pictured with their intended reads. I’m in the seventh collage.

This year my first, started book is on Kindle and entitled, The Duke Who Didn’t, by Courtney Milan. This book was recommended in one of Goodreads’s news link on their site. It caught my eye because the main couple are of Chinese descent! I found this very interesting.

Alrighty then, I’m skipping off to make more tea. Thank you for dropping by today. TTYS.

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  1. Starting the New Year with a drink is definitely the way to go! Those look wonderful. I have read a Courtney Milan ages ago and really enjoyed it. No idea why I haven’t read more. I love that the main couple is of Chinese descent. Hope you love it!


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