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48 Knit for Me: Pumpkin Squeeze

What crafty plans do you have for this new year?

I’m slowly trying to get my butt organized in these areas of my life:

  • baking
  • cooking
  • housewife duties
  • knitting
  • sewing.

I’ve been looking at different types of planners advertised on Instagram, comparing their inside content and their prices. While I may like one here or there, I’m not completely sold on just one planner because I like certain functions, but not all. To me it’s like buying an artist’s CD and only liking some of her songs.

So I’m going back to bullet journaling, not as fancy as I did before with the whole stamp art. I’ve made lists on a pad of paper of what I want to concentrate on and will have to figure out how I will represent each one in weekly, bullet journal form. Today I ordered journals, stickers, and washi tape online.

A Dilemma

Behold…the first sock!

Last night I knitted ten rounds of 1×1 ribbing of the cuff for this sock. But when I tried it on, it was hard to slip the colorwork section up and over my heel! WAH!

I always knit my socks with US 0/2.0mm. I purposely knitted the pumpkins with US 1/2.25mm because I know from a colorwork top that that kind of knitting comes out tighter.

I’m curious to see what you vote. I am personally leaning towards the last one option because I really want to get this WIP done. It was started last year and I still have to knit the other dang sock!

Thanks in advance for your two cents! TTYS.

11 thoughts on “48 Knit for Me: Pumpkin Squeeze”

  1. Stef
    They don’t look like pumpkins to me. SO so sorry. I always have a tighter fair isle portion. Hence my affinity for fair isle on hats and that’s about it! Once the Rib is done the design if repeated or designed over the entire portion that isnt the cuff, is the same size, or has the same give to it!. It is never time wasted, because we always learn!


    1. Sorry if it was confusing. The pumpkins are more like jack-o-lanterns. The ribbing is the cuff. The colorwork is part of the short leg. I wanted an ankle sock.


  2. I’ve never knit a stranded colorwork sock before. It looks really cute but sounds like you will have to frog it or try to block it out? Or gift it to someone with smaller feet? I’m sorry, that is super disappointing.

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  3. I cast my vote for doing what you’re leaning toward doing. That’s got to be disappointing to thinking of frogging back the colorwork, but it sounds like you’ll be happier in the end with that. And that’s what really matters.


  4. The socks are so lovely and I really like how the colorwork goes with the pumpkin color of the sock and the whole design. I voted for redoing the colorwork with bigger needles, I believe it would be worth it. But that’s me, I would redo a knit until I’m happy with it 🙂


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