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49 Knit for Me: “Three Turns Should Do It”

It’s called a Time-Turner …and I got it from Professor McGonagall on our first day back. I’ve been using it all year to get to all my lessons. Professor McGonagall made me swear I wouldn’t tell anyone. She had to write all sorts of letters to the Ministry of Magic so I could have one. She had to tell them that I was a model student, and that I’d never, ever use it for anything except my studies…. I’ve been turning it back so I could do hours over again …

— Hermione Granger (PS21)


Sound the trumpets! I have finally started Hermione’s Time-Turner Sweater. This pattern is from Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book. My mama had preordered this special book for me once she had seen it advertised somewhere.


  • Pattern: Hermione’s Time-Turner Sweater by Dianna Walla
  • Yarn: Knitted Wit Sport in Hyacinth & Haute Pink

After measuring my swatch, I decided to go up two needle sizes, from a US 1 to a US 3/3.25mm. I personally feel my knitting in the round gives a whole, different gauge than knitting flat.

I finished the neckline’s ribbing last night; I did twisted rib in Continental style. Why not Portuguese for this portion? I know my gauge is a little looser in the former than the latter.

Next up is the short row shaping of the yoke. I was watching The Great British Baking Show (been craving biscuits now) and knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on this technique well (enter mistakes and cussing). I plan to start this section today.

Brrr…off to put on warmer socks and a cowl. TTYS!

16 thoughts on “49 Knit for Me: “Three Turns Should Do It””

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this sweater! I wish I had a time turner some days. GBBO has that effect on me, too. Suddenly I’m craving cake and rolls.


  2. The fact that there is a HP knitting pattern book may just be the best thing I’ve heard in awhile and I don’t even knit! Great British Bake Off always makes me crave food too and usually things I’ve never even had. I suddenly desperately want a tray bake or some random baked good they come up with for the technical!

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