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50 Knit for Me: Short Rows Got Me Round and Round

Good evening. I’ve been hooked on my Hermione’s Time-Turner WIP. Unfortunately, short rows had me going around in circles to the point where I had to restart a few times.

Well actually, the first time was because I realized I was using the wrong size needles for everything. I had knitted the neck ribbing on US 3/3.25mm and then had switched to US 5/3.75mm to start the yoke’s short rows. However, the US 5’s should have been saved for the colorwork section and therefore the US 3’s for the short rows. That meant the neck ribbing should have been knitted with US 1/2.25mm.

Then the next two tries was because I didn’t properly pay attention to the short row instructions; I’m knitting from the book which has been resting in my lap. I felt like a dog with a bone. I didn’t want to give up.

By yesterday I was finally on track and now I am here:

My mama stitched the Harry Potter cross stitch for our living room.

Woo hoo, I have hit the colorwork section! I apologize for the view as you can’t really see anything of the design. The stitches are slightly bunched which has caused the knitted fabric to roll. Nevertheless, I’m very happy to be immersed in this section.

The Behind-the-Scenes Deets

  1. I’m knitting a size M.
  2. I accidentally cut the purple yarn; I felt so stupid. What was I thinking?! Despite that, I started using a third, new skein of Hyacinth.
    • When I had restarted this WIP the first time, I used a second, new skein and noticed it was more tonal than the first one that had been knitted with the wrong needle sizes.
  3. I changed knitting style for the colorwork and am using both hands – knitting Continental and English. I meant to try to knit two-colors, Portuguese style but I don’t have the patience to experiment for this sweater.
  4. A library audiobook has been my companion – the Flavia de Luce series.
    • I finished The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag yesterday.
    • Now I’ve been listening to A Red Herring Without Mustard.

Now I’m off! I just may start another project although I’ve no business to with the several 2020 WIP’s that haven’t been finished. Oh well, I only live once, right? TTYS!

15 thoughts on “50 Knit for Me: Short Rows Got Me Round and Round”

  1. Oh I had a tough time starting my cardigan this week. Ive set it aside. For now I will only allow myself to knit the 12 incch by 12 inch square for the Pine Ridge children. I am really excited to see the cashmere blend I ordered, but I won’t open it until the JANUARY goal of a charity is finished. Maybe tomorrow.!
    ITs snowing and we expect to be shoveling and snow blowing most of the morning!


  2. Chuckling, your knitting sounds like my quilting. New projects so tempting. And mistakes!! Love the colours of the knitting. Cute cross stitch.


  3. The colors are so beautiful and the pattern is so intriguing, can’t wait to see the colorwork done! I knit Portuguese style and I find stranded knitting very frustrating, as the different strands keep twisting, but I still haven’t found the patience to learn a new knitting style 🙂


  4. Sorry it’s taken so long to get this sweater in gear, but wowza – those colors look just stunning together. It’s going to be a beauty!


  5. I just started a top down sweater (six rows in) and I’m going to restart with smaller needles. When I do short rows I put a stitch marker where they are made so i can see them, otherwise I go crazy.


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