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Cross Stitch XVI: Corner In

A Warm Up

*yawns* Hi there. How’re you today? I’m good; a little sleepy with recent relief from sinus pressure. It’s the weather. It’s 68° in my house but only 61° outside.

Bunned Out

Were you ever so excited to eat something only to find mold has spoiled it and the food wasn’t that old? I was making hot dogs today; the husband has been craving them. I chopped up two onions to carmelize and a bunch of mushrooms to sautee. I boiled the super-sized hot dogs and was about to put everything together to dress up the hot dogs in their buns when I noticed mold on the buns! Bunned out. Boo. Had to go to Plan B.

Corner In

The corners of this first square are in. I probably would have gotten more done, however, I was a small reading binge with a vampire series. I’m ready to move to another craft and will work on this square more as I’m still resting my elbows this week.

Speaking of…my mom got me a titanium bracelet for my right wrist – another area that I can have trouble with especially when I use the mouse. I’m going to look into a different elbow support and see if it’ll help more than my current ones. Fingers crossed.

Okay, off to drink my jasmine tea to wake up my peepers. I was tempted to take a nap today but decided against it so I can sleep better tonight. Hope you’re having a good, Hump Day. TTYS.

18 thoughts on “Cross Stitch XVI: Corner In”

  1. Oh bummer about the buns. You could have rolled them in flour tortillas or made a 2 ingredient dough and tried to make something resembling a bun lol.

    I hope the titanium helps your ouchies.


  2. Stef, I got my compression wrist helpers. I wore them to bed last night and awoke with a swollen feeling in my right hand. thrust them off mid sleep! But i think they do help me in the morning when i am extra tingly on my right hand for almost half hour

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    1. It kind of does. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be up on my arm to touch my skin. I try to wear it like that. It seems to help my mom. She says she wears it until the pain is gone.


  3. I always feel disappointed when food spoils – had to throw some bread out today. I’m curious about the titanium bracelet. Tell us more after you give it some time. 🙂


  4. That is so annoying when food goes bad faster than you thought it would. I opened up a bag of shredded broccoli slaw mix last night that was still a few days before its expiration date, but it had definitely already gone bad.

    I hope the bracelets help.


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