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Cross Stitch XVII: Further Along

The Pleasantries


Afternoon. How’ve you been? How’re the temperatures in your area?

First off, the weather has cooled down again. Apparently there was hail last night; I could hear it pouring like cats and dogs for a while which seemed weird.


And second, I feel like I’ve been slightly adrift since finishing my York Pinafore. Thank you, BTW, for the warm reception of the FO. It’s that in-between time like when Christmas ends and you’re waiting for New Year’s Eve to come around:

  1. I have spent time cutting out patterns that have been sitting around.
  2. I priced a local copy shop in town and they charged way more! For a three-page print out I would have had to pay $12 per page. The online copy shop I have ordered from is all the way in Alexandria, VA and while I have to pay mostly for S/H ($10+), I still pay less. Therefore I ordered two more patterns, one being a size up in the York Pinafore.
  3. I’ve been perusing and Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.
    • From, one order arrived Monday and another is on its way.
    • I recently ordered from S&DF since they were having an anniversary sale, and because I liked their selection of quilting fabrics more.

Diet and Exercise

In addition, I started hardcore OMAD Sunday. After gaining a few pounds, of which half was from being bloated, I looked up the practice and am now basically fasting 23 hours. With OMAD, it’s one meal a day. You allot a four hour period during which you have an hour to eat. Thus I eat smaller portions for this meal of the main meal so I can have some caffeinated tea with agave & creamer, snacks, and chocolate afterwards before the hour is up. Then I’ll drink oolong, jasmine, peppermint, and chamomile teas which are allowed during fasting. I only drink these teas up until 8 pm.

Furthermore, I began mixing up my daily, cardio exercise a bit to keep my body guessing. I usually walk the manual program at a 1-incline and at a 3.5 speed. MW I’m now using the Fat Burn program first plus, finishing off with a Manual one so I’ll hit four miles for the day. TuTh I use the Calorie Burn program before the Manual one. Fridays I warm up with Manual and then switch to running for a mile before walking again. SaSu is just be power walking for an hour and a half.

I’m already seeing results in my body measurements and when I weigh myself. Glad it’s working!


Once Upon a Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Last time I had the top of the curvy border to the pink corner diagonal from it. I finished most of the right side of the border and even got the little castle in.

I think next I will fill in that top space of the border first before moving onto the inside of this January square. The square has cute characters in it from, I believe, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Last Friday, I had a Google Meet craft meeting with my two neighbors. I started the design elements that decorate the “t” in “autumn”.

Autumn by The Cross-Eyed Cricket

I sat at the dining room table and clamped my magnifying lamp onto the edge while having two, standing lamps on, one on each side of me. I felt that this was a better position to be in than trying to cross stitch on the couch with the lamp clamped onto the end table to my right. Sometimes I have to be in a slightly awkward position in order to see what’s under the magnifier and to see the pattern because the lamp only reaches so far when bent over.


I’ve been listening to audiobooks while stitching. Do you listen to audiobooks? I thought I’d take a break from the Flavia de Luce series and try out a Hannah Swensen one for one of the books. The cozy mystery is easy to listen to but the jury is out on the audio narrator. I may switch back to the Kindle books.

Oh and speaking of books, last night I finished the second installment of the Blood and Ash series. OMGoodness! It is good. The book was a “skip the line” copy; I read it in two days! It’s a YA/New Adult, fantasy that does have romance in it. I like how the story incorporates mythical gods, similar to the Greek and Roman ones and the unique world and how it works captures my interest. I may have to buy this series.

Off to make tea. I hope to catch up on WP or Blogspot blogs today. Stay healthy and safe. TTYS.

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  1. I love how you separated all your updates in sections 🙂 The weather here has been glorious during the day, still frosty at night. I have also started a new exercise and nutrition program from BodyFX. It’s been a month. I have yet to check my measurements. Makes me nervous if it’s not working. I’ve been steadily working along a cross-stitch as well and can’t wait til it’s done. Is yours on 18 count aida? Such tiny stitches. OOOhhh, I also LOVE the Blood and Ashes series! I don’t know how I fell into it, it just came up on my Kindle suggested reads. I’ve been blasting through books lately. I don’t like to listen to books – I listen to podcasts, mostly true crime, while stitching.

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  2. Audio books are complicated things for me. If my mind drifts, I find myself rewinding and re-listening to – over and over again sometimes. I often turn on youtube videos to play while I cross stitch. I don’t seem to need to rewind those as often. Or talk radio. No rewinding there! 🙂


  3. I have been using “overdrive” for audio and ebooks. It hooks to our library. I like thebaudoo books best but some of the narrators grate on me which ruins a good book.

    It is almost cross stitch time for me. Once the weather gets a bit warmer, the lap laying yarn projects will be put into time out and the light weight cross stitch will be my focus through the hot summer months.


    1. I started using Overdrive also. I used to at first and then with the Libbey app I can connect via Bluetooth to our Google Home. But since I was sitting at the table I used the laptop. I had to figure out where I had left off with Libbey since they don’t sync.


  4. I would die of starvation or thinking I was dying of starvation, good luck! I I use overdrive all the time for my library searches. I only read though I don’t do audio. I make sure all ebooks are kindle format and it just shows up on my kindle, like magic 🙂 lovely stitchery!


  5. Your stitching looks lovely and it’s so nice you can listen to an audio book while you do it 🙂

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂


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