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52 Knit for Me: A Thimble of Help


Happy PI Day! Did you bake or buy pie today? If so, which flavor?

Today got to be a cheat day ^__^ because I made this:

It’s a blueberry pie with a crumble topping. I used two recipes, one for the filling and one for the crumble. The crust is a recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction, a recipe that has made me understand pie crust making more and that has given me more confidence to made make crusts from scratch.

The Good

  1. I was really happy because my pie crust seemed on pointe, coming together with less water than usual.
    • I decided to try the substitution of putting in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for one tbsp of water.
  2. It did taste interestingly good; I only had lemons instead of limes so that tangy acidity was definitely present.

The Bad

  1. I think I need pie shields since the edges of the crust always get dark.
  2. The points of my pie are not pretty.
    • The recipe for the filling used a pyrex pie plate which I should have paid attention to. This may have made a difference in appearance.
  3. The pie wasn’t completely cool.
    • I wonder if it was able to cool down all the way, the filling may have been more solid and not ooze out like lava.

Knitty Improvement

Norwegian Knitting Thimble

I bought a set of these Norwegian Knitting Thimbles because I wasn’t sure which size I could and should use. Susan B. Anderson had tried one out, posting it on IG. The gadget stuck in my mind since knitting colorwork with two hands was hurting my elbows. I looked them up and found two, Youtube tutorials by Dankfiber – one for how to use the thimble and another for how to catch floats with it.

Here it is in action. I’m using the smaller one that fits to my first second knuckle. The dominant color is threaded to the upper hole while the background color to the lower one.

It was awkward using the thimble for the first time because I have to hold the yarns in my left hand while holding onto my left needle. However, I’m getting used to it. I do have to adjust the tension of the yarns now and then but overall, this gadget is helping me knit. I sit at the dining room table with the book open to the colorwork charts. I have Post-It notes on each one to help me keep track of which color to knit. Just earlier, I felt I was knitting faster. I’m so happy I tried out this thimble.

WIP Progress

Here’s the progress of the colorwork yoke. If you look carefully, you’ll see I took pictures of the yoke in different places:

  1. On the left is the patterning that pretty much runs around most of the yoke.
  2. On the right is what will show in front when I wear the sweater.
    • See how one part of the design is colored in with pink? That’s the time-turner.

I am currently on round 12 of the charts. There are seven more to go.

Well, it’s 8:20 pm here on the west coast. I need to cover the pie and put it in the fridge. I hope you had a nice Sunday. Thanks for dropping by. TTYS.

21 thoughts on “52 Knit for Me: A Thimble of Help”

  1. Your pie looks gorgeous. Interesting tip about adding apple cider vinegar to the crust. And knitting thimbles!!! That is a very interesting thing. So glad you showed a picture of it “in action”. I couldn’t imagine. I’m going to look for a video to understand better, but thank you for sharing that, Stef!

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  2. Your pie looks delicious! More fancy than I could ever do
    And the thimble is awesome! I don’t mind using two hands to do colorwork but it’s always interesting to learn about something new.


  3. All of the things you mention ,including the ooze are what spells amazing for me . When someone makes their own crust, I just marvel at them. I pretty much take the short cut EVERY time and just put filling in a pan, and top it with 1/2 stick butter and some yellow cake mix. We call it cobbler….
    its cheaters gold!
    Good for you to want to improve. My sister is a great Baker. She is also a veterinarian. She measures deliberately, she sifts when told to do so, she takes her time. Her bakes are always delicious.


  4. Wow, everything in this post is simply marvelous! Your pie looks so delicious, and I love well baked darker crust and oozing filling, so what you’ve noted as bad also sounds good to me! And that sweater, oh my! The colors are to die for, perfect combination!


  5. Those knitting thimbles look intimidating to me! I’m glad you’re getting used to them and that they help you knitting! Oh the pie…it looks DELICIOUS!!! I made a strawberry shortcake again…I guess that could qualify for PI day! 🙂


  6. I have owned that thimble for years and never used it. Probably because I don’t knit continental and have never done colorwork. I love your time turner sweater. The colors are splendid. Your pie looks so yummy. You make some of the best desserts.


  7. Pie crusts are finicky things and your shaping looks great. Hopefully pie shields will help with browning. Somehow I’m not a huge fan of blueberries. I like them in muffins and pancakes okay but when they are the primary focus they’re not my first choice. My family thinks I’m crazy!


    1. ^__^ thanks for sharing. I haven’t really had blueberry pie, mixed berry, yeah, but not just solid blueberries. I may try another recipe next time.


  8. mmmm pie! I actually made a cheesecake! My first pie was a blueberry pie and it was delicious. I do love a crumb topping. I did get some crust protectors and they are nifty little gadgets; mine were made of tin. That thimble is cool! I don’t like to do colorwork and have all the floats even though I love the results. I’m working on a lotus stitch project that has two yarns and it is hard for my hands to manage. Love that yoke! Nice job.


    1. Your cheesecake sounds yummy. I just ordered some pie crust shields; they’re silicone and adjustable for sizing. I was debating on whether or not to get some pie crust cutters or mini cookie cutters for crusts but decided to wait.


  9. I think so long as the pie tasted good that’s what matters. A chicken recipe I am doing tonight called for apple cider vinegar but I didn’t have it so left it out. Hope it will still be okay. I hadn’t heard of pie day until I was watching a quilting video! Hope the thimble is still working out for you, how amazing what people think up.


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