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Cross Stitch XVIII: Little But A Lot

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Are you wearing green? I have on a green and white, striped long-sleeves. Did you ever get pinched at school? I can’t remember the elementary school days but I may have been asked in college, Where’s your green? On defense I would tell the friend that I had on my jade bracelet, thank you very much. So I was spared a pinching.

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Once Upon a Time Sampler

I have a little progress to show on this design. I started on the top of the upper, right-hand corner. I’ll be working on this piece today while I listen to Devil’s Food Cake Murder.

The Cross-Eyed Cricket


The last time you saw this cross stitch, I had the green area finished. Well now the rest of the bottom of the tree trunk is finished. This letter of the design is very detailed so there is lots more to be done.

I’m off the make some caffeinated tea. My peepers are drooping and getting sleepy. Hope your Hump Day has been going well. TTYS.

10 thoughts on “Cross Stitch XVIII: Little But A Lot”

  1. I completely forgot that Wednesday was St Patrick’s day but luckily I always wear a ring with a peridot in it so I always have green! They gave Will a clover sticker at clinic so he’d have green too. I definitely remember the pinching on St Patrick’s day at school! I’ve started doing major calorie splurges on bottled Frappucinos when I get sleepy but I do love green tea when I’m not being quite so splurgy!


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