Cat, Minnie, Tuxedo Cat

2 Minerva, The Tuxedo

Guess who turned two years old yesterday?

Cat life. It’s hard being a tuxedo cat.

To celebrate, the four of us sang her happy birthday, we gave her lots of petting pats, and she was allowed an extra, one-eighth scoop of Purina.

Happy birthday, Minnie.

11 thoughts on “2 Minerva, The Tuxedo”

  1. Bittersweet I’m sure. She is just so lovely!!! Her coat looks so so soft! Cats are the best. THey just want to be with us. that’s all. We took Beatles outside on the leash yesterday. he absolutely hated it. He will not be a therapy cat. He took Fireman running right back to the front door. on the leash. !


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