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54 Knit for Me: A Seventy-Nine Percent Yoke


Good evening. How’re you today? How’ve you been?

Me? I am thankful my crew is healthy and safe as well as my immediate family and close friends around the Bay Area. There are still incidents of Asians, especially seniors, getting purposely hurt while racist statements are yelled at them. It pisses me off that this is happening. I’ve been learning about historical acts of anti-Asian violence, some I knew about, but most I have never heard of. What is happening is wrong. We AAPI belong here; we are American. Hate is a virus. Stop Asian Hate.

Other than that, it’s a toasty 72° here in our home. The weather has warmed up to low to mid-70’s. Therefore, allergies are somewhat of an issue.

I’ve been using the stove and oven all day. A marbled bundt cake is currently cooling on a wire rack. I hope the inside will be as pretty as the recipe I’ve used.

Yarny Business

Knitting has always been my yoga. Holding the needles and feeling the yarn move and get worked between them is soothing for me. I get anxious at times when I don’t knit. I miss it when I’m caught up in the rabbit hole of scrolling IG and when I see other knitters’ progress. I also get a little sad seeing new colorways come out from indie dyers because my appetite for new yarn has diminished due to limited, physical, knitting ability. But I do remind myself that I honestly do have a heck of a stash of yarn in the closet.

Hermione’s Time-Turner Sweater by Dianna Walla from Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

Do you see progress? I’m about four rounds further – 79% done with the colorwork yoke.

Hello, little time-turner! You’ll be in your full glory in about three more rounds.

And these magical, swirly parts make me envision the time when Hermione turned the device back three times and all the special effects it starts to set off.

I’m glad I picked an obvious high contrast in colorways. I had wanted neon yellow but then this sweater would have been the colors of a basketball team. No thank you.

Well, the stove timer has gone off. I need to check the temperature of our bundt cake and see if it’s ready for the chocolate glaze phase.

BTW, I’m itching to start audio podcasting again? What do you think? Anchor is now connected to WordPress; however, I’ll have to create another account. I don’t know if that means I’ll have to rename it, etc. I’ll see if I can find out.

Stay healthy and safe. Thank you for popping your head in. TTYS.

11 thoughts on “54 Knit for Me: A Seventy-Nine Percent Yoke”

  1. Stefanie,
    First I am saddened and outraged at the racism that has hurt so many. Those Americans who immigrated from Asia are some of our finest citizens.

    I love your color work on that sweater. Stef, I too get very ansty when I cannot knit .Knitting is my zen as well. I don’t really compare myself to other knitters, as I am not the caliber of knitter that so many knit bloggers are!!!! I’m very average and that feels okay for me. I have tried some new sock techniques this weekend and I thnk it does stretch my brain in a good way! !!
    I loved your podcasts. I’ve played around with a non WordPress audio and I get so frustrated. I’ll be interested Stef, to see if ANchor is easy and fun to use. LEt me know!

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  2. Your Time Turner us fabulous. I love the neon pink you chose.I had never thoigh of knitting as being a yoga. But you are right. Feeling the yarn flow through my fingers and watching it turn into something useful. So satisfying. I hope your bundt cake turned out great.


  3. Your sweater is amazing. I’ve enjoyed seeing your baking on Instagram. Anti Asian hate is serious problem, one that I am talking to my kids about. I hope that by talking about it openly (well, not about murder, as they are still young) they will learn to speak up when the see and hear hate.

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