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Cross Stitch XIX: Tree, Border, & a Dwarf

Thank You

Evening. Just want to first say, thank you, to those of you who publicly commented support during this difficult and dangerous time for the AAPI community on the last post. I’m sure you’re aware of the latest incident which was absolutely !@#$% up and disgusting. It also broke my heart that the apparent bystanders did nothing to help. I’m glad the culprit was caught and will be brought to justice. I’m also glad they identified those who did nothing and the place of business is taking action.


Well, what’d you have for dinner?

I cooked later than usual since I had to take the girls by each of their campuses – one to drop off her history packet and to pick up the next one while the other traded in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for The Things They Carried. We had oven-roasted, gold potatoes cut up into chunks and seasoned with S&P, oregano, and thyme. Leftover broccoli/carrots/spinach fried rice was reheated in the microwave while 20 pieces of Bibigo Mandu was pan-fried in nonstick pans. I put together half of a salad mix from Costco to go with everything and the rest of the marbled bundt cake was finished off.

For those of you who have kids, do you ever read what they read in school? I’ve only read The Outsiders, well I had listened to the audiobook, and damn, that was a good one. I think that book was when the oldest was in junior high. I’m tempted to add to my TBR for this year, the books the teenager has had to read in high school.

More Book Talk

Are you on Goodreads? Did you join the 2021 Reading Challenge?

I am currently 11 books ahead *raises the roof*. Honestly, this is because I added audiobooks back into rotation, easy company for when I craft.

I had started off getting back into the Flavia de Luce mysteries, books I’ve read in the past. The narrator is excellent. I love hearing Flavia’s indignation come alive.

Then I started listening to the audio versions of the Hannah Swensen cozy mysteries. The narrator is okay, but after a few listens I think I’m giving up on the series. I’m tired of Hannah’s love life.

So now I’ve been relistening to the Magical Bakery Mystery Series, a cozy mystery that involves baking and Wiccans. My library only owns the first, six books, so I may have to buy the next three on my Kindle. However, what I like about this series besides the baking is the development of the main character’s power.

Let’s Talk about Stitching, Yeah?

Autumn by The Cross-Eyed Cricket

The last time you saw this piece, I had stitched the bottom portion of the letter, “t”, the winding tree trunk and its roots.

Recently, I stitched the upper left trunk part and then branches that branches out to the left. The yellow parts are blossoms.

See this unfinished spider? I had to take a break from it because the legs are backstitched. Each leg only uses a single piece of floss and because the body is so small, it became a pain to anchor the ends. Therefore, it’s a little bulky in the of that area. Poop. I’ll go back to it later.

Now this WIP has had some good progress:

  1. I finished that upper right curve of border that fans up and out from the castle.
  2. I stitched the framing corner of crowns.
  3. I got to start on the little dwarf! He needs eyes, LOL.

It’ll be fun to fill in this first, sampler square. I’m sure you can guess which fairy tale is its theme.

Alrighty then, I’m off to make some iced tea. It’s been warm here; the temps have gotten up to high 70’s.

Thanks for dropping in. TTYS.

16 thoughts on “Cross Stitch XIX: Tree, Border, & a Dwarf”

  1. These attacks made me very nervous for my mother who is tiny and elderly. She’s leaving the States to go back to the Philippines and will be safer with family. I am so appalled at all the hate people directed at other people! Just makes me so sad. I like how you have multiple stitchy projects going. Of all the crafty things I do, cross-stitch is a one project at a time (now with a long line of to-dos). I have a personal book goal to make this year and I’m on par with my finishes of at least a book a week. I should try audio books again.

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  2. All the racially motivated hate crimes make me sick and very angry. I thought we, as Americans, were better than this. After all, 99% of us can trace our roots back to another country.

    I really like your cross stitching pieces. Backstitching is my least favorite part of xstitch. Yet it normally makes a piece really pop.

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  3. Your stitching is beautiful Stefanie! I read The Outsiders in school, but also saw the movie when it came out in the 1980’s…of course, as a teenager, I fell in love with all of those boy-actors lol…I’m sorry to hear of the latest violence…it cuts my faith in all of humanity.

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    1. TY Rain for your support. Yeah that was one heck of a book. I emailed the teen and asked her what did she read. Gonna make a bookshelf on my GR and list them so I can work them into my reading rotation.


  4. My kids are too young to have books that are entertaining for me. One of my good friends is a HS English teacher, and I often read the YA books she recommends. You cross stitch looks great, and your dinner sounds great. I’m making a stuffed ham and cheese focaccia for dinner tonight.


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