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Baking, nine

Spring Break So Far

I had plans to make certain recipes for Easter until I got my first shot of Moderna last Friday. My husband drove me 50+ miles north just so I could get one under my belt. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear a jacket and it had gotten windy in the evening. BTW, are you like me and get annoyed with people who don’t know how to follow the spaced out, six foot lines on the sidewalk? This man in front of me hardly paid attention because he was on his smartphone and thus never noticed when the line moved up. When he would finally notice, he’d only walk up to the mark that was two marks behind the person in front of him. Several times he had to be told by a staff person where to stand! Duh!

On Saturday when I was bending over to hook the fitted sheet over a corner of the mattress, I felt something in my lower back. After that, nothing but pain. It was so bad that when I tried to slip my foot out of a flip flop (was washing the sheets in the garage) to put on my house slipper, lifting my foot just that little bit hurt like heck. Oh and imagine me trying to get up from the couch or having to use the master bathroom! Just standing my back felt stiff and locked. My legs felt disconnected and it hurt to have to carry the weight of the upper portion of my body.

My husband got worried. He couldn’t decide if I had hurt my back Saturday from bending down or it was the shot. The man read up online and people have complained of sharp pain in their backs. Muscle aches are listed as one of the symptoms as well. And yeah, I guess “catching a cold in my back” was part culprit as well.

I was in pretty much in bed until Tuesday, taking meds after consulting a doctor and using a heating pad. I had the girls help me if needed and the husband was my crutch when he wasn’t on conference call. By yesterday I was able to get up and move around better. Reaching forwards to wash my hands still causes twinges in my back but I am able to at least squat if I have to get or pick up an object. Today I am better. I’m thankful for these bits of improvement each day. I hope to go back to working out this weekend.

Sweets, Anyone?

Bundt It Baby

If you’re not in the mood to make layered cake then bundt cake is one of the next, best alternatives. Meet Eat Little Bird’s Marble Bundt Cake:

That is chocolate ganache drizzled on top!

Anyone grease her pans the old-fashioned way?

Tangent Story

When I bought new, nonstick pans, I read it wasn’t good to use nonstick sprays on them because the spray can burn in your pan and build up, causing foods to stick. So I stopped using these sprays and now for my cake pans, for example, I melt butter and use a pastry brush to brush it on all over.

Interesting Marbling Technique

This recipe doesn’t have you mix the vanilla and the chocolate batters together with a knife like most do. Instead, it tells you to tap the pan on the counter a few times. I went a little tap happy – 10x – but look at how the middle came out:

Ain’t it pretty?! I usually can’t eat the results of baking right away because of OMAD so I had to wait until the next day to cut the bundt cake open. I was so happy to find these results!

What’s Up, Doc?

You know carrot cake is a highly popular, Easter dessert. I obviously didn’t have the energy to make a three-layer cake, but we had some carrots that needed to be used up. I saw Stress Baking’s Baked Carrot Cake Donuts and was like, “Hello nurse.” It’s true, we eat with our eyes, yeah?

Look at these results!

Easy presentation and don’t they look good?

Again, our crew had to wait to try one, but man, it was worth it! While these donuts are baked, they are moist and flavorful. Cream cheese frosting? Hot damn! And toasted walnuts are a must, adding the perfect crunch factor.

When the Cookie Jar Looks Sadly Empty

Because E and I practice OMAD, it’s hard to just have one, little dessert with our meal. I felt it would be wonderful to have another sweet alongside the first one so on Hump Day, I prepped a new, cookie recipe: David Lebovitz’s Salted Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies.

Yep, you read correctly. The cookies have tahini in it. This ingredient gives terrific moisture to the cookies. I could smell it when I was mixing up the dough and maybe while the cookies were baking today. However, when I bit into one earlier, it just tasted like one, dang good cookie, nice and thick too. Now our cookie jar is full and happy!

Okie doke, I’m off to make tea. Need to work on my water quota. Great catching up with y’all. Stay safe and don’t forget your mask. TTYS.

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  1. Oh so sorry to hear about the back misadventure. So debilitating. Mmm I love those cookies, i felt I could almost smell them when I saw your photo on IG.


  2. I think the back pain might be catching! I spent last week hunched over but thankfully it is better now. I hope you’re feeling better! Your baking projects look amazing and those cookies are so intriguing. I’ve made chocolate chip cookies with a sprinkling of salt and they were delicious but have never made any with tahini.

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  3. They all look yummy! Cookies with tahini looks perfect. We use tahini (sesame sauce) alot in the desserts or meals. It is healthy and it has different taste. Especially pumpkin dessert with Tahini is Amazing. Bye the way Greetings from Turkey. Have a wonderful day.

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