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55 Knit for Me: Sock It to Me Again

Some Connection

Afternoon. Do you Zoom during the week?

I have a monthly Craft Night on Google Meet. My two neighbors and I met last Friday for about two hours. I didn’t really craft during that meeting as I had bujo supplies laid out but was stuck on how to start. I eventually got over the hump; if you want to see my month of April, check out my IG.

Then last Saturday I joined in on a cross stitch Zoom meeting with Kim and Sarah of Stitch and Stuff. I had fun! There were at least 11 of us, one woman was from the UK! We each took a turn talking and showing WIP’s. It’s amazing how time flew by. I was near the end and talked about where and why me and the crew moved out of the city, how I was into the cute/kawaii aesthetic, and the two patterns I was working on. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable about designers and floss.

Monday, I tardily attended the Zoom meeting of the San Francisco group I used to physically meet up with at the mall every Monday. I couldn’t drag myself out of bed at 7am and of course worked out first. I made the last 40 minutes of their Zoom. It was great to see familiar faces and catch up. I plan on taking advantage of their Zooming because I can’t make it in person. The city is 40+ miles away and traffic is horrid in the morning.


Remember this WIP? Yes, it’s missing something.

I see many a sock WIP on IG which made me miss sock knitting and therefore pick up this WIP again to tackle its issue.

I frogged the bind off and the colorwork (black pumpkins). I was so not in the mood to reknit the colorwork. I fixed all my stitches on the DPN’s and then knit in stockinette until I hit the number 20.

I first bound off in the traditional BO style; however, the sock was hard to put on. I then tried the way one knitter did for a stretchy BO, but that wasn’t flexible enough for my preferences. I then went back to Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off and bingo, it was perfect.

In the second picture you see the second sock started. Instead of toe up, I’m knitting cuff down and will follow the basic structure of the Rose City Rollers pattern while using the stitch pattern from Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I’ve finished the roll cuff and need to start the slip stitch heel.

  1. Look at the sock’s wonderful texture.
  2. A closer look at what a slip stitch heel is, the type of heel that actually fits my high arches best.

It’ll feel good to get an old WIP completed. I think of how many WIP’s I have and the thought becomes like a weight dragging me down. The ones for myself I will definitely finish. The cardigan for my nephew, hmmm…I think I will frog and use the yarn for something for his baby brother.

How many WIP’s do you have? And readers, they don’t have to be knitting ones; they could be anything, such as other crafts/hobbies or even household projects.

I am off to catch up on WP blogs. I didn’t realize I got so behind. Thanks for popping in. TTYS.

14 thoughts on “55 Knit for Me: Sock It to Me Again”

  1. I have 2 cross stitch WIPs, a pair of socks, a shawl, a scrap lapghan and a self designed top all wanting my attention. The socks and shawl are my main projects. Love hiw you did your short socks. The RCR pattern is one of my favorites.


  2. I have several WIPs. I like to have a sock, sweater, and hat or shawl OTN all of the time. I also have two long term blankets. I used to be a monogamous knitter, but that changed when I started being a stay at home mom.


    1. A nice variety of WIP’s. I used to limit myself to three only but now I have seven. Two are long-term, being a knitted blanket and a crocheted Granny, though. I’d like to finish at least my socks (and eventually the shawl) while I figure out what to do with my nephew’s cardigan and the Joji cowl I had started. I am thinking of Peanut by Tin Can Knits for the new baby nephew and Joji’s 3-Color Cashmere Cowl. I can use the same yarns from the soon-to-be, frogged WIP’s.

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  3. I have had the same pair of socks on the needles since May of 2019 😀 Probably why I don’t blog about socks anymore…or maybe I haven’t finished them because I don’t have that self-imposed deadline. Anyhoo…I also have The Weekender sweater (my main project), a bulky blanket, a sock yarn leftover blanket, and a couple of cross stitches as WIP’s. I also always have a Sockhead Hat on the go as my travel project, although I haven’t had much travel time the last year. I’ve got the yarn and needles planned out for several projects so I need to get some things off my WIP list before I start something new.

    Hubby and I are currently puppy-sitting my BFF’s toddler Cavapoo’s so nothing is getting worked on right now. They demand a lot of attention!

    As far as Zoom, I have my weekly Thursday meeting with my knitting group. They also meet on Tuesday; however, I can’t take that much time off work. I have a monthly with my book club and another with my Dad and his wife. Then we also do random Zoom meetups with our friends. We even have dinner parties together over Zoom! There are so many creative ways to use it and it’s been a blessing the last year. I hope you are doing well, Stefanie!


  4. Love the color of those socks!! Uhhh, do people really count WIPs?? I’m an an unknown count of unknown kinds of projects. 😂 loved your bio update! I’m actually a first generation Filipina but wasn’t raised with my mother and I’m definitely an Americanized child. I did miss growing up with all the food.


  5. beautiful socks and the texture is perfection! I have two projects on the needles, a christmas stocking and a shawl. I have one more project mulling about in my head.


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