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Let’s have a Quiz! — NothingButKnit

Karen of Nothing But Knit posted this short, conversational quiz on her blog today. I thought it’d be fun to repost it and see if you participate here and you can copy/paste your answers on her blog.

How about a quiz for this fine Friday. If you’d like to answer on your blog leave a link in the comments otherwise feel free to leave your answers. It’s April 16 and it is snowing outside. How is the weather out your window? I’ve been thinking about my next knitting project. I’m feeling the […]

Let’s have a Quiz! — NothingButKnit

Questions & Answers

  1. How is the weather out your window?
    • It is sunny but windy and 64°.
  2. What do you feel like making?
    • I wouldn’t mind knitting another colorwork project.
  3. Have you been baking?
    • I will today! Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake by Live Well Bake Often. I have all of the ingredients prepped. The butter, eggs, and the sour cream are out on the counter to come up to room temperature.
  4. (a) What have you been craving?
    • I am craving sushi and pesto pasta.
    • (b) Do you give in to your cravings?
      • Most of the time, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t ventured out to get groceries.
  5. (a) Do you spring clean?
    • Oh, heck no.
    • (b) Are you someone who does a small amount of cleaning every day or do you do a large amount at one time?
      • I certainly wipe down the kitchen counters a lot since I cook and have to prep raw meat for our OMAD.

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