Baking, Cake

Baking, ten


Evening. Our crew’s day started off late; it was hard to drag ourselves out of bed this morning. The husband drove our junior 15+ miles up north to get her first, Covid vaccine; she received Pfizer. So far, no side effects.

Ready for a Yummy?

Are you baking anything this weekend? Doesn’t this look pretty?

Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake by Live Well Bake Often

Instead of making the glaze, I dusted the top with powder sugar. I was busy making our OMAD which got started late and I didn’t have a lot of time nor space on the counter to drag out more dishes, etc.

Oh boy was this lemon blueberry bundt cake yummy!

This was the first slice from the first cut. I enjoyed every bite. I love how a bundt cake gives a good-sized chunk for a serving!

Okie doke. Today is supposed to be a sewing day, but it’s already past 6pm. I think I will do another craft. If you’re not baking anything for this weekend, what are you craving? Please share. Thanks for dropping by. TTYS.

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  1. I think I am baking cinnamon rolls today??? I need something for a thank you gift to someone who lent me a book to read, Where the Crawdads Sing. Good book!

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    1. Ooh! That is shivering u need Rio try again. I had tried a recipe that had come with my new pan but failed. I realized later on I had wasted yeast. I think maybe I was using the wrong kind. I have instant yeast and maybe needed the other kind.


  2. We used to make this many layered chocolate cake when we were growing up. You cut two devils food cake rounds in half carefully. You made frosting but colored it 5 ways. SO each layer had a different colored icing in it . My sister made it for me a few years ago and it was so good. I should get that recipe and bake it! If it snows tuesday, Im seriouslly going to cry. and bake.


    1. Thank you. It was good and easy to make. My husband yesterday was like where’s my piece of bundt cake? I told him we finished it all.


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