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56 Knit for Me: Show a Yoke Stopper

Want to see a showstopper?

You sure?

Are you ready?


I finished the time-turner magic and have been increasing every so many rounds out from it. I love, love how this part came out. This type of sweater where there is colorwork in the yoke is the first time I’ve knitted such a design. Honestly, I’ve only knitted two garments (a short-sleeved, bulky pullover and a top-down, raglan sweater), each solid-colored.

Here’s what the inside looks like, or the guts as I call it:

All them floats. I wasn’t consistent with when I captured floats. Sometimes it was after three to four stitches were knitted or sometimes it was when I was halfway through a short section of a color. I’m glad there are good, Youtube tutorials out there on how to catch floats.

My goal is to have this sweater done by fall. Hopefully I’ll also have a selection of me-made, sewn garments to wear it with.

Off to post pictures elsewhere. Thank you for popping your head in. TTYS.

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  1. Not sure my reply went through. I love your yoke. Someday I will try to make a lopi sweater . Right now I need to clutch my sock needles in my hands and just do socks. But , Someday….sweaters…?


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