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Cross Stitch XX: More Color

Flora Color

Are you noticing more color popping up around your neighborhood or in your own backyard?

We have this bush of flowers in our backyard that practically got decimated when the neighbor to the back of us had a tree cut down months ago.

However, with March’s rainfall, it has come back from the dead! BTW, do you know what it is?

This low-growing bush surrounds the long gone palm tree that was cut down one year. (It had dropped dead branches everywhere especially during crazy, windy days; we were afraid the branches would damage our neighbor’s cars next door.)

This is a seasonal plant. The flowers were prettily wide-open earlier this week and hopefully may spruce up with Sunday’s intended rain. If you know what it is, pls tell me.

More Stitchy Color

Once Upon a Time Sampler

This January square has several colors in it. I find it amazing how the gals at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery got everything to coordinate.

The first dwarf was completed while his friend was started. I’m almost done with their clothesline but need more of the dark grey which is needed to stitch up the second article of clothing.


Have any of you used Silk ‘N Colors embroidery floss? It’s 100% silk; I had ordered it on Etsy. This is the Autumn Bouquet skein (SNC 983).

This kind of thread is not my favorite. Oh, it’s pretty and all, but It wasn’t fun trying to get out one strand from the 12 ply skein. I think I’m going to have to cut it into segments and so hopefully it’ll be easier to separate strands.

This is the first time I’m working with variegated thread. You can the bunches of flowers on the branches are stitched in this silk.

Well, thanks for popping by. Have a good weekend and TTYS.

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  1. I Agree, the red and green is a geranium that is on steroids! Wow. I’ have never seen one so big. It is beautiful. What a lovely thing to just sit and stare at , or look twice as you go by!

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