Baking, Muffins

Baking, eleven

Do you like muffins? If so, what kind?

I used to not make muffins because they would stick to the liners. Then one of my besties told me she sprays her liners with nonstick spray. This trick worked. But now, after reading an article on IG, I only fill every other muffin slot and don’t need to use the spray anymore.

The first batch…

Isn’t that crumb topping wonderful? Man, I love a crumb topping!

The inside…

These muffins are super moist (I used four bananas). The crumb topping melts in your mouth. I have to police the husband to make sure he doesn’t cheat and try to have more than one a day ^_^. I was able to get 18 muffins

I seem to be on a muffin roll during this pandemic. I ain’t complaing and am happy each batch has come out the way they’re supposed to.

Tomorrow morning the junior takes her SAT’s with essay. Please think/pray for her. Check in is at 7:45 am.

Thank you for popping in. TTYS.

13 thoughts on “Baking, eleven”

    1. I want to either make or buy those liners that are tall. I want to experiment and see if mine will grow taller with the support.


  1. I’m a blueberry muffin fan. Your banana blueberry muffins looks delicious! FWIW, it’s never occurred to me to use liners with muffins. I just grease the pans.


  2. I do love muffins – especially with crumb topping! I don’t make them very much but there’s an apple spice muffin recipe that is my absolute favorite. I might need to make them again soon!


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