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Fully Vaccinated

Hello my friends. How’re you today? How was your weekend?

I spent the weekend recovering from my second Moderna shot. My husband had driven me down to San Jose to a Stanford site that had its vaccination clinic in the nearby parking garage. While the two of us were waiting to pull up to a check-in, I realized we were wearing matching masks (comic book sayings).

Our car had to pull into a handicapped spot as the nurse helping us had to log in my information from my card since I didn’t get my first shot through them. She then gave me information about Moderna, what to expect after getting the shot, and how to treat the side effects. The nurse then opened my car door and gave me a jab. It hurt this time like getting a flu shot.

The husband had to drive over and up to another level to wait the required 15 minutes. And then we were able to leave to go home.

By Friday evening I started to feel achy. I stopped knitting and got into bed. Chills slowly started and throughout the night I fitfully slept, feeling flashes of hot and then cold. E would touch my arm and tell me I was burning up. I kept him up as well.

Saturday I got up early to start our Egyptian cotton sheets in the washing machine. Fleece ones had been on our bed for the past two weeks. I was starting to feel suffocated, like my skin had on a layer of something that wouldn’t come off. I broke my fast early to take Tylenol because I could no longer tough it out. My head started to pound and I had a slight fever of 99.2. I took a shower and got back into bed to doze on and off and to read.

The first dose of the meds only lasted four hours. All the symptoms came back full force. I waited until the husband picked up our The Kebab Shop order so I could eat and take two more Tylenol. This second dose lasted five hours. I snacked before the third dose and went to sleep.

When I awoke Sunday, I felt better. I had some sinus pressure and a slight headache. I chalked that up to allergies as the Bay Area was starting to warm up. I took Aleve and made sure to use my antihistamine nose spray.

Today I’m good. I went back to working out after a lazy morning in bed, finishing off my raunchy, potty-mouthed, modern day romance. Luckily I didn’t have to go out in the 80° heat. The Junior’s match was pushed to tomorrow and she didn’t have practice.

Brush Lettering

Well I’ve added another hobby to my long list. I’ve been obsessed with brush lettering for some time. I see it everywhere, especially in journaling.

I did try it earlier during the early days of the pandemic. However, I gave up in frustration. Using genuine brush pens didn’t work for my beginner ineptness and I had even tried Crayola markers (thin and thick) but soon got bored with the letter drills.

During a recent trip to Target I found Tombow 10ct Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pens; these are considered to be good for beginners of brush lettering. The pens have flexible tips but they are stiff.

Looking back on my Pinterest board I remembered I had pinned some other brand of flexible tipped pens and Google’d what was the difference between them. The Pentel ones have softer, flexible points so I ordered them on Prime. I also picked up a practice pad as even regular paper can shred your brush pen points.

  • Left: when I first started
  • Top Right: midway on a skipped page
  • Bottom Right: how I ended my session on Sunday

I gave the Tombow set to the 13yo who does beautiful lettering. I’m a fan of the Pentel set. My perfectionist self thinks these pics present my lettering in a better light than what’d you see in person.

Nevertheless, I’m pleased to have gotten a better round two at this hobby. I feel more on the right track. I appreciate these books by Grace Song more because I realized the strokes are really broken down for each letter. At present, I’m more into the lowercase alphabet and want to master it first.

Off to get some knitting in. I skipped Zoom with Purl and Sympathy today so I’m itching for some soothing work with yarn and needles.

Thanks for your good thoughts and vaccine cheer. I am relieved to be fully vaccinated. The 16yo will get her second Pfizer this weekend. Now we’re just waiting for our eighth grader to qualify.

Thanks for popping in. Stay safe and healthy. TTYS.

11 thoughts on “1 Lettering”

  1. Glad your vaccine side effects wore off by the second day. You were really down. Your brush lettering is just beautiful. It reminds me of my mother’s everyday handwriting. She had lovely handwriting.


    1. Thank you for the virtual hug. I made sure to eat well, exercise, and get good sleep beforehand but well, at least I know the vaccine was working. My youngest has awesome penmanship. I get anal about mine.


  2. I’m so glad your symptoms were pretty short lived even though I’m sure they were awful when it was happening! About 6 hours after my 2nd Pfizer my arm started hurting like crazy. I’ve never been hit in the shoulder with a bat but I assume that’s how it would feel! The next day I was super exhausted but after that I was okay. Love the look of the lettering. I keep thinking about trying that. It looks like it could be really fun though I don’t have much confidence in my abilities!


    1. I bet you can do it. Try these pens, get a book, and a practice pad. I’m slowly trying to practice how to connect letters.


  3. Stef
    I am so thrilled with your lettering. It is a great art!
    I am glad your body mounted a hefty response to the vaccine but Im sorry you suffered!~


    1. Thanks, Kathy. It wasn’t fun but glad it’s over with. I’m very happy to have gotten my lettering going. Starting to practice connecting letters.


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