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58 Knit for Me: Hedwig Is Settling In

Teenybutton Studio, Soft Sock base, Hedwig colorway

I have a smidge bit of progress to show today on my shawl.

Free Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

Do the Math

*scratches head* Hmmm…actually, if you add 159 + 160 +160 + 161 + 161 + 162 + 162 + 163…

The answer is 1,288, stitches that is – the number I knitted yesterday which totals to eight rows of the fading part of the pattern. So I think that is more than a smidge, yeah?

I’m happy to be on the last color of this shawl. I love the contrast of the color which will stand out for sure against its neighbor, Keeper of the Keys. It makes me happy to think of Hedwig from the Harry Potter movies; she was sassy, smart, and loyal.

Tangent Questions

  1. (for nonknitters) Do you have a favorite color? What is it? Why? Please share a memory associated with it if you have one.
  2. (for knitters) What is a favorite colorway of yours (I know you can’t just choose one!)? Why is it one?

House News

The Junior is now full vaccinated! She only had a headache the next day but it could have been due to PMS. My daughter went to practice and played in a match with no issues; she played Varsity 2 Doubles (she usually plays Varsity 4 Singles) this past Tuesday and won after having to play a third set in 80 °. She is currently 4-0. Today the team plays the top school in the league; they have power hitters. I told her to do her best.

The husband was able to schedule yesterday a Pfizer shot appointment for the Eighth Grader this month. This means she’ll be done before the end of her birthday month and totally innoculated before the new school year.

My husband is now not a fan of Pfizer. A week after getting his second one he started having side effects and was utterly miserable for a whole week. I think E got run down during the week and because the vaccine takes two weeks to kick in, this is why he had delayed reactions. We had gotten worried and so he got tested last Saturday for Covid which came out negative (whew). Headache, low fever, chills, and achy joints plagued him every day. IB worked the best for him but it would only last four hours. Yesterday and today my man is feeling better and didn’t need meds today. His voice is croaky but his appetite is coming back, LOL, and he took the day off to burn a vacation day.

Off to set up for OMAD. E wanted to make up for Mother’s Day since he was ill; he bought us sushi rolls. Yay for not having to cook.

Thanks for popping by. TTYS.

12 thoughts on “58 Knit for Me: Hedwig Is Settling In”

  1. Sorry to hear your hubs had such a reaction to the second vaccine. That yarn your knitting with is just gorgeous. I think I say that every time I see it, but it IS! 🙂


  2. Well I like most colours although I just loved that sock colour you had on IG. I am a warm colour fan. Sorry to hear about your hubby’s reaction to the vaccine. We have as yet to see what it does to us. Maybe in the next month or two I will know.


  3. the side effects from the vaccines are rough. I had big issues with #2 moderna. My husband had weird body and muscle aches from both #1 and #2 that lasted a week or so!


  4. You always choose such beautiful color combinations, I love how your shawl is progressing! Sorry to read about your husbands reactions to the vaccine! Our first shots of Moderna passed almost unnoticed but I’m a bit about worried about the second shots, we’ll see next week how it goes.


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