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60 Knit for Me: Motivated

This sock WIP has been slightly neglected but a fire has been lit under my butt. I’m motivated to finish this sucker:

I realized recently that I forgot to incorporate the stitch pattern of Hermione’s Everyday Socks when I was working on the gusset. *shrugs* Oh well! I will keep knitting stockinette. I got in 16 rounds last night while catching up on podcasts.

My first sock is a teensy bit long. I don’t know what happened. Maybe because of the weight I’ve lost my feet got skinnier? I say this because my first pair of Birks are looser and I’m at the last holes on the buckles. Therefore, I plan to knit this second foot a couple of rounds less.

My goal is to cast off by the end of this holiday weekend. Who’s with me on having an FO – crafty or home improvement or etc. – by Monday?!

Thanks for popping in. TTYS.

8 thoughts on “60 Knit for Me: Motivated”

  1. Oh, a challenge sounds like a great idea. Except I don’t think I have a WIP that could be finished by then. The color of those socks is just gorgeous!


  2. I love those socks. Fine that one is plain! I love the color. I had a cast on ! but not a finish! Would be interested in your thoughts on French Open and Osaka’s decisions. As a mom I say, oh please, she’s so young, if she doesnt want to be interviewed that’s ok. As a tennis players mom, ,I say, now, you got all this way with unimaginable stress and you don’t want to share your thoughts with us? I hope she is being mentored and gets the help she needs. A shame to see such talent wither under social pressures.


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