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Baking, twelve

Catching Up

Hello. I meant to blog this week, but it got so busy with the last week of matches and having to figure out, buy ingredients for, and make a last minute healthy snack for the team Senior Night.

And yes, I did make my goal of finishing off that pair of socks by Memorial Day! The second sock was done by Monday night. It’s hard to take pictures of one’s feet by oneself and I didn’t want to bother the girls so I was going to take photos this weekend, but well, I got distracted as you’ll see next.


I suddenly realized just now that I have a few other baking projects that I haven’t shown yet, one being this batch of blondies:

Brown Butter Walnut Chocolate Chip Blondies by Baker by Nature

What I love about a pan of these (or even brownies) is that they’re quick and easy to whip up. When I bake other kinds of recipes, they take longer and I’m unable to either make the sweets before OMAD or they’re not done baking until later on that afternoon, which means I would have to wait until the next day to have a taste. These blondies, the crew and I each had a piece the day of. You know for me, having a homemade sweet at the end of OMAD is the must have finisher!

Flourless Cake

Have you ever tried a gluten free cake? Around PInterest I’ve seen these beautiful, one-layer cakes that have these pretty cracks on top because there is no flour.

Flourless Fallen Chocolate Cake by Broma Bakery

Aren’t those cracks gorgeous? The cake falls when it’s cooling. And when I took my first bite of my slice, the top of it has this amazing, slight crunch and the middle is almost fudgy, but so airy and light! This recipe is a must try!

Weekend Baking

When Bananas Are Ripe AF

Our city had a spell of hot weather which means our house heats up. The bananas from Costco ripened quickly. I knew I had to start baking with them before they went bad.

I have always wanted to make Banana Cream Pie. I used a recipe by The Inspiration Edit; hers is I guess made the old-fashioned way. I have had this type of pie once but can’t really remember what it looked like, only that it was good.

Top Left: Sally’s Baking Addiction All Butter Pie Crust

Top Right: Filling in the bottom of the crust with ripe, sliced bananas (This may be the “Old-Fashioned” factor?)

Bottom Left: One of the first slices after the pie was in the fridge for at least an hour; you can see it wasn’t quite set yet.

Bottom Right: Fully set and eaten today

The Results

My crust was flaky! I was so happy. Usually I will partly bake the crust for apple pie. This pie recipe required a fully baked one.

The filling is light and tasty. I used a 9″ Pyrex dish which is more shallow than my French red, pie dish; I had some filling leftover so next time, I’ll use the deeper dish.

The whipped cream, maybe I had whipped it a little too much because it was hard to spread it around and make it look good. I may try to pipe it next time.


On Friday did you celebrate National Donut Day? We didn’t as it had been my intention to make the pie first. However, you know there are banana donuts, yeah?

Baked Banana Donuts with Dark Chocolate Glaze by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Don’t these look awesome?! I was able to really twist the top of each one into the bowl of glaze which thickly coated the top. I decided to use the variety of pastel sprinkles that were sold around Easter at Target.

While these donuts aren’t traditionally fried and baked ones are healthier, oh boy were these yummy! The banana part was light and moist. The glaze perfect in color, taste, and texture. I used a mix of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate chunks, Kirkland semisweet chocolate chips, and Guittard semisweet chips. I also substituted corn syrup with organic agave because I didn’t have the former.

The recipe yield is only eight to nine but I managed to squeeze out ten. I should have checked this bit of information because I could’ve doubled the recipe since I have three, donut pans.

If you crave donuts, but want lighter calories, baked donuts are the way to go!

Well, I hope I inspire you to bake something this week. Do share if you do. Thanks for popping by. TTYS.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Im aching here. Stomach issues clearing up after a tough 10 day of it. Covid remains negative. We are vaccinated. But we both got hit. I CRAVE all those amazing sweet desserts!!! Usually on Weight watchers I only allow myself one bite. Your blondies , I’d have to eat them all. The banana cream pie? YOU ARE AMAZING!


    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you and your husband are sick. 🙁 Get well soon.
      I’m sure there are dessert recipes that follow WW?


  2. These are some gorgeous baked treats! I made lemon bars this weekend and I always forget just how much I like making bar cakes. There is just such a simplicity to them! I need to make the banana cream pie! It’s been ages since I’ve had one.


  3. Oh wow.. those are a lot of yummy looking treats. My kids are anti banana. I do make banana muffins but camouflage the banana with chocolate an peanut butter chips.

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