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one Test Knit

Officially Summer

Do you hear the fanfare? Do you hear the kids cheering and laughing? It’s the last day of school around here.

This afternoon I had both kids in the SUV. First, the junior had her textbook drop off from 1:30 pm to 2; I am so grateful her school rearranged the time schedule because her time slot was originally at the same time as her sister’s. My 16 yo had to walk her items into campus. When she came back I asked here where were her team photos? So off the teenager went again to pick them up.

Next, we drove to the junior high which thankfully had a drive-thru of stations to drop off books. The line looped around and while our car was waiting to reach the first station, I saw that the school mascot was taking selfie pictures with 8th grade graduates at the last station. My 13 yo in the back was adamant about not doing that. Thankfully, she spotted her PE teacher and when it was almost our turn at the final station, I asked him to convince her to do it. Guess what?! He was able to! Mr. Y was all in pep mode, reminding my teen how he always tells his students how it’s important to live in the moment and that she’d regret it later on. So when I pulled up our SUV, she got out as I did so I could snap a pic! The school mascot and her held a big Polaroid selfie frame and in the background was this huge floor sign that said, Congrats Mustangs! with graduation decorations attached. This mama was very happy.

The three of us went home and then 15 minutes later, I took the former 8th grader to get her second Pfizer. This time I made sure to dress warm because of the crazy wind. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait in line. Our crew is fully vaccinated! Woo hoo!


BTW, are you a nut butter fan? Peanut butter has been my favorite for years. Then when I had kids we tried Nutella as well because the youngest has a mild, peanut allergy.

Well, one day I was curious and decided to see if the Peanut Blossoms recipe used any other nut butters. Yep, I found an almond butter version. I’ve always been curious about almond butter so I picked up a jar at Trader Joe’s. I didn’t have time to make the cookies so I’d scoop out a spoonful and eat it. Well, I’ve finished the jar, LOL! Almond butter is dryer in taste but I still like it.

Another day, I was at Target and picked up cashew butter and sun butter because I was curious about them as well. They’re pretty good. The cashew butter doesn’t have as much flavor as the others and sun butter has a teensy bitter taste but it’s not bad.

So after my OMAD, I usually have a scoop of a nut butter or two after my dessert of choice. This seems to satisfy my appetite at the end, more so than candy.

First Sock Test Knit Ever

I follow slip.slip.sis on IG; they’re a cute, Asian sister duo who design together and even live in the Y’Area like me. I saw their post about looking for test knitters for their sock design, Twisted Sister Socks (if you scroll down the link, look at the third row, last pic).

In my head, I was like, why not? I know I’ve only been a test knitter twice – once for a macaroon toy and once for a colorwork, baby giraffe hat. I figured, well, I’ve knitted several pairs of socks and I do know how to cable. I didn’t think I had gotten picked but, hello! I got mo-ded on that when I saw their email on June 1st.

I was going to use a light-colored skein by Neighborhood Fiber Co, but this sock set by Earl Grey Fiber Company was an eye magnet, especially since I was seeing other test knitters including contrasting mini skeins in pics of what they were going to use. This is the first time I’m working with this indie dyer. I had bought this set at STITCHES West 2020.

I’ve decided I’ll have contrast heels and/or toes only.

BTW, this is not a secret test knit which is why I can show you up front my progress. I’ve knitted two repeats of the six row pattern:

Up close:

There are only a few cables to work in the front half of the sock. The back is all stockinette. I will probably knit my legs a little shorter than the pattern’s.

I started out these socks on US 1/2.25mm DPN’s. I made sure to cast on in the Old Norwegian Style for a stretchy cuff. Recently, I received some Additurbos circulars in the mail; they are US 1’s, but are actually 2.5 mm. I’m fine with that, having starting to use them at the second repeat of the pattern.

The requirement is to get one sock done by July 1st. I wanted to knit TAAT so I won’t have to deal with second sock syndrome like I did for my last pair.

Well, off to make some tea. Thanks for popping in. TTYS.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the school year!!!! WHOOHOO on your whole family being fully vaccinated!! What a relief. Your socks look lovely and I love Earl Grey Fiber Co sock sets (and Heather’s yarn overall). Take care Stef! ~Stephanie aka Edible.Thoughts.Makes

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  2. Congrats to the 8th grader on her 2nd vaccine! And that’s great that her PE teacher was able to convince her to do the photo. Sounds fun. I have mixed feelings about almond butter because it does seem so much drier then peanut butter. I bet the flavor was fantastic though!

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  3. Congrats on everyone being vaccinated! Oh nut butters…I find they taste a little bland. I made my own cashew and almond butters once, they were delicious but very expensive to make. I feel like they remove any flavour from the commercial ones! Your socks are looking good!!


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